About Remeha

Leading the world in energy efficient heating systems

Remeha Commercial is the UK’s leading supplier of heating solutions and a pioneer in condensing boiler technology and low carbon boiler systems.

Since launching the first condensing boiler into the UK over 35 years ago, Remeha has been at the forefront of this exciting technology. We have continued to research and innovate and today offer revolutionary systems that maximise boiler efficiency and create the standard for reliability.

Energy efficient, sustainable and economical heating solutions

At Remeha Commercial, we are committed to helping create a more sustainable future. Our comprehensive boiler range – with outputs from 4 to 4000 kW – features outstanding efficiencies, clean combustions, fully modulating burners, and ultra low NOx emissions. Built on a single design concept and more slimline than ever, they allow for easy installation and maintenance, close comfort control and user friendliness.

Remeha also offers a high performance biomass boiler range with outputs from 12.5 to 2,000 kW with more renewable technologies soon to be introduced that will deliver impressive environmental savings.

With our unique offering of high performance renewable solutions and high efficiency commercial boilers, Remeha is a one stop shop for the multiple equipment choices that will make up the new low carbon boiler house.

Remeha – working with you all along the way

Our specialist team of engineers will work with you to advise on the right solution for your unique requirement and can help to define improved efficiencies. We also offer quality maintenance and support backup for all our products. Why not contact us to learn more – we’re happy to help.

Remeha is part of BDR Thermea

BDR’s Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report 2014 

Baxi Heating Environmental Policy Statement 2016

A potted history of Remeha Commercial

  • 1935 – Remeha is founded in Holland by Gerard Van Reekum who sees a market for central heating boilers
  • 1939 – Remeha develops a highly acclaimed boiler programme for oil, gas and solid fuels
  • 1946 – Broag is established in the UK as a manufacturer of oil burners and general engineering services
  • 1980 – Following the energy crisis of the 1970s, Remeha plays a pioneering role in developing efficiency-led condensing boiler technology
  • 1983 – Broag introduces the first UK’s first commercial condensing boiler into Watson House, the British Gas testing centre. The boiler is supplied and manufactured by Remeha
  • 1984 – Broag installs Remeha condensing boilers within the London Borough of Merton and quickly establishes itself as the UK market leader in condensing technology
  • 1984 – Remeha buys Broag
  • 1998 – Remeha introduces the first wall hung commercial condensing boiler with its unique aluminium heat exchanger. This introduces condensing technology on a wider scale, allowing the decentralisation of plant as the move from floor standing models increased
  • 2004 – Remeha strengthens its market position by buying France’s leading heating products manufacturer De Dietrich Thermique and forming De Dietrich-Remeha Group
  • 2004 – Remeha introduces the world’s lightest and most compact high efficiency combi boiler for the domestic market: the Remeha Avanta
  • 2009 – Seeking further strategic expansion throughout Europe, De Dietrich-Remeha Group joins forces with Baxi Group to create BDR Thermea, a new world leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating, hot water systems and services
  • 2010 – Remeha Commercial introduces the revolutionary Quinta Pro series of high efficiency wall hung condensing boilers. Designed to fit into a smaller space than a traditional boiler of equal output, this new fuel efficient and carbon saving plant can be installed at minimum cost into existing spaces for faster, simpler refurbishment
  • 2011 – Brian Price, MD of 21 years, steps down to be replaced by Mark Northcott. Remeha Commercial continues to develop and extend its offering in a variety of areas, including biomass boilers, to bring quality, low carbon solutions that are practical, usable and customer friendly to create the low carbon boiler house of the future.