BlueEfficiency / TreadLightly


Blue efficiency

Remeha Commercial has produced a whole range of cleaner, greener, smarter heating and hot water products and systems that offer a new, higher, easily attainable level of efficiency of 107% NCV for maximum fuel and carbon savings. Identified by the Remeha BLUEefficiency icon, these technologically advanced heating solutions, including super condensing systems that offer 107% NCV at 82/71°C, push the boundaries of current accepted high efficiency levels. System design can also maximise the efficiency of Remeha Commercial’s standard condensing technology
heating products, particularly those with a secondary return option, to BLUEefficiency levels.


TREADlightlyTREADlightly is Remeha Commercial’s promise to produce in the most ethical, sustainable way the most innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly heating products that improve quality of life. Within the TREADlightly programme, Remeha Commercial works with not-for-profit and profit-for-purpose organisations such as ClimateCare to tackle climate change through a range of carbon offsetting programmes that address poverty and sustainable development in the world’s least developed countries.