Remeha Commercial

the vision: to sustain our future and refurbish our past

Global climate change is the most pressing environmental issue of our time, uniting governments in their desire to lower greenhouse emissions and improve energy efficiency. Remeha is committed to helping create a more sustainable environment. With our unique offering of high performance renewable solutions and energy efficient, ultra low carbon and NOx emission commercial boilers, Remeha Commercial is a one stop shop for the multiple equipment choices that will make up the new low carbon boiler house.


In the UK, the coalition government has introduced a number of new targets and incentives for the building services and heating industries. There are steep targets of a reduction in emissions of 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 from baseline 1990 levels. In new build, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive includes a target to make all homes and buildings zero carbon by 2016.The UK target is to source 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 – currently this figure is around 7%. The coalition government hopes that the phased introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will drive a tenfold increase in renewable heat in the next decade, as the financial gap between the cost of conventional heating and renewable heat systems is minimised.
The low carbon benefits of renewables are undeniable and growing in popularity. Remeha has successfully introduced a range of biomass boilers with over 330 installations in the UK to date. We will continue to invest in the development of low to zero carbon technologies and introduce the best of these new renewable products.Using solid biomass for heating typically gives reductions in carbon emissions of around 80-90% relative to using fossil fuel heating systems. However, with biomass a heat store and/or fossil fuel system is often specified in addition to the biomass boiler, to manage peak demands. Equally, a solar thermal system will often need the back up of a gas condensing boiler in the winter months. Therefore, while renewable technology will play a crucial part in building a better future, we see the role of the high efficiency condensing boiler as far from defunct. For that reason, we continue to push the boundaries of boiler efficiency, producing commercial boiler ranges that deliver maximum efficiencies and low CO2 and NOx emissions, systems that will work alone or alongside renewables in tandem.
The Building Research Establishment report offers the surprising statistic that 60% of the buildings that will be standing in 2050 are already built and 40% pre date 1985 (the year that Building Regulations regarding fuel and power were first introduced under Part L). For the UK to meet the government’s targets, it is vital that in addition to looking forward, we maximise all opportunities to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions in renovation and retrofit projects. In many ways these older buildings are low hanging fruit: the flexibility and ease of installation of Remeha Commercial’s condensing boiler range make rapid progress in carbon reduction a real prospect for some 60% of the existing building stock.Around a third of the UK’s energy consumption is used for heating or producing hot water, according to the Carbon Trust. Regular maintenance and low cost improvements to controls can, typically, bring energy improvements of 10% or more. Remeha Commercial’s boiler range has been specially designed to aid easy servicing, ensuring that our products are more likely to operate at their optimum performance level.

The drive for carbon reduction presents an exciting challenge and opportunity for the heating industry.
By considering the past as well as the future, we can indeed build a better future.