New efficiency heights for ARA with Remeha boilers

The world-leading independent aerospace research and development organisation, Aircraft Research Association (ARA), has chosen to install Remeha replacement boilers as part of wider efficiency measures at its Bedford facility. Three Remeha P420 pressure jet gas high efficiency boilers were specified to replace the three failing boilers to raise the efficiency of the ARA’s heating and reduce carbon emissions. This forms an integral part of the ARA’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint and its determination to increase the efficiency of the services plant.

P Chester & Son (Bedford) Ltd carried out the boiler replacement, removing the failing boilers and associated pipework before installing the Remeha P420 boilers which were fully assembled by the Remeha team on site.

Steve Madigan, Director of P Chester & Son commented:

“Along with improved energy efficiency, reliability was of the utmost importance with this boiler replacement project as the new plant room feeds the entire site. Having used these Remeha boilers on various other sites with no problems, the decision regarding reliability was easily made. The Remeha boilers perform really well and heat up times are greatly improved. This also reflects when it comes to the energy bills.”

The ARA has numerous firsts within the aviation industry including transonic and supersonic wind tunnel testing as well as cutting-edge aviation modelling. The investment in the building and associated services will help ensure that the research will continue in a sustainable and efficient manner and assist the ARA to maintain its world class position in the aviation industry as a complete aerodynamic service.

ARA’s motto ‘Performance through Technology’ is matched by the ethos of Remeha Commercial whose high performance, energy-saving heating products help address the global challenges of climate change and fuel poverty. With low NOx emissions and high combustion efficiency, the Remeha P Series of pressure jet boilers offer an environmentally-friendly solution to energy-efficient heating. The burners were supplied by EOGB, complementing the Remeha boilers and ensuring minimum GHG emissions.

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