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Remeha Quinta Pro cuts fuel consumption by 50 per cent for Somerset cider producer

“The Remeha Quinta Pro boiler has reduced gas consumption by 50% in the the six months since it has been installed.” Tim Soddart, Production Director, The Somerset Cider Brandy Company

Burrow Hill Farm has been pressing apple juice for cider for 150 years and distilling the cider into its unique Somerset Cider Brandy since 1989. Now, a Remeha Quinta Pro boiler is playing a key part in pasteurising the Farm’s apple juice and in the fermentation process of the company’s award-winning Burrow Hill Cider.

Owner and distiller Julian Temperley follows an environmentally-friendly fermentation process, avoiding all use of artificial products and concentrate, instead preferring to use his own method of passing the apple juice through a heat exchanger before bottling. So when his ageing atmospheric boiler and heat exchanger heating package began to fail, he was keen to install the greener Remeha Quinta Pro 30 LPG recommended to him by contractor Gary Turner of GT Building Services Ltd. In a change to its more conventional role delivering space heating and hot water, at Burrow Farm the Quinta Pro provides hot water through the heat exchanger to pasteurise the apple juice and and helps ferment the sparkling cider for which the company is renowned.

Julian Temperley said: “Due to the popularity of our products, we needed a speedy replacement to enable us to keep up with the orders. Fortunately, downtown was kept to a minimum and we are delighted that our new Remeha boiler is working so efficiently.”

Gary Turner commented: “We recommended the highly-efficient Quinta Pro 30 as it is quick and easy to install and reliably delivers high efficiencies. Equally importantly, it can be converted to run on LPG, which was an essential criterion for this rural farm.”

Six months since the new boiler was installed at Burrow Farm, production director Tim Stoddart is extremely pleased with the results. He commented: “We have noticed huge gas savings thanks to the Remeha boiler, with fuel consumption reduced by 50 per cent in the last six months.”

The market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro range of fully-modulating condensing boilers offers outputs from 8.9 to 114kW, high efficiencies of 108.9% NCV ∆T 50/30˚C (98.1% GCV) and excellent ultra-low NOx emissions for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heating and hot water production.


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