Knauf Insulation backs Remeha Quinta Eco Plus for maximum energy efficiency heating

When Knauf Insulation recently upgraded its heating using Remeha’s super condensing Quinta Eco Plus heating system, the insulation company took a leaf out of its own energy saving book, providing an impressive new level of energy efficient heating for its Welsh headquarters.

Knauf Insulation’s 30-year-old existing boilers were wasteful and inefficient compared with modern high efficiency boilers. Yet, even with high efficiency boilers there is typically energy waste of around 20% when boilers are run at high loads and high temperatures. Knauf Insulation chose to leapfrog current heating technology and install two Remeha Quinta Eco Plus 115 heating systems incorporating ground-breaking passive flue gas heat recovery devices to ensure maximum condensing at full output at all times, and a new level of full time attainable efficiency of up to 99% GCV at 82/71°C flow and return temperatures.

The Quinta Eco Plus consists of the market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro, a fully modulating commercial condensing boiler, and the Eco Plus, a patented passive flue gas heat recovery device that recovers waste energy equivalent to 15% of the gross input .

“The Quinta Eco Plus is pre-plumbed and pre-configured in a rigid frame, so it was simple and straightforward to install,” said Andy Norman of MII Engineering Ltd. “It came down to a simple wheel-in and connect fitting which meant less downtime for Knauf Insulation when we changed over to the new system.”

The refurbishment has also brought an unanticipated benefit in the shape of a new office space for Knauf Insulation. As the Quinta Eco Plus has a very small footprint, the company has been able to partition the original plant room into two separate rooms and gain valuable extra space.

The energy saving benefits for Knauf Insulation from its new Quinta Eco Plus heating system will be considerable, with an estimated reduction in energy use for heating of up to 40 per cent and a rapid financial payback on the new system in the next eighteen months.

The last word from Andy Norman: “I’m so impressed with the Quinta Eco Plus that I’ve already recommended it for a number of other refurbishment projects. From my point of view, it’s simple to install and hugely space saving – and for businesses, it will bring enormous energy savings which can only be welcome.”

The Remeha Quinta Eco Plus provides a flexible solution for new as well as existing buildings due to its compact dimensions, ease of installation and ability to be fitted in cascade systems to meet the individual requirements of a building.

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