MG Motor UK, Birmingham

Remeha Commercial’s high performance boilers are driving up the energy efficiency levels at MG Motor UK with the effective delivery of low NOx, environmentally friendly heating.

The British car manufacturer is renowned for the quality of its brand, design and manufacturing. No less famous is the historic Longbridge plant in Birmingham which is the headquarters of MG Motor UK and home to the design, engineering and final assembly of the iconic MG6 range.

Following the re-launch of MG Motor in 2008 after financial backing from SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), China’s largest automotive firm and the eighth largest car manufacturer in the world, measures were taken to improve the energy efficiency rating of the 69-acre MG Birmingham site by updating the ineffective existing heating system. This was a centralised steam generation plant that distributed to the various buildings through external leaking pipework. It was inefficient, wasteful and costly to run.

In line with its ethical company values, MG Motor was keen to introduce a greener, more efficient heating system that would bring the added benefit of lower operating costs. EGP Building Services Ltd, working for consultant Overburys, used their specialist design and installation knowledge to recommend a number of solutions to the automotive company to achieve effective, controllable, energy efficient heat delivery. MG Motor took the decision to replace the centralised system with a number of local plant rooms and two air handling units (AHU).

“When presenting the options to MG Motor, we had to take into account a number of factors,” explained Pete Clarke of EGP Building Services. “After considering the heat output required, the size of the area where the boilers were to be installed, the need for the highest available levels of efficiency and how easy the boilers are to install, we recommended using Remeha boilers throughout.”

With only eleven weeks to completely update the entire heating system at the MG Birmingham site, EGP Building Services installed five Remeha boilers across the plant rooms. A Quinta 115 now provides welcome warmth for one end of the extensive SAIC Motor Technical Centre (SMTC) building while a Remeha Gas 310 Eco boiler feeds an AHU heating coil from the other end. The headquarters area at Longbridge is heated by a Remeha Gas 610 Eco boiler, while more Remeha Gas 310 Eco boilers have been installed in the Conference Centre and the Sales Centre.

Remeha has been delivering energy efficient heating systems to the UK for over 30 years and has built a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent service. The Remeha Quinta and Gas 310/610 Eco boiler ranges offer high efficiency, high output, fully modulating heating for improved energy efficiency, reduced fuel costs and lower carbon emissions. Compact and space saving, they have been specially designed for quick and easy installation. An optional Optimising Weather Compensating control package is available to ensure maximum efficiency.

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