Quinta Eco Plus PFGHR at Knauf Insulation Cwmbran


‘Super condensing’ Quinta Eco Plus slashes energy use at Knauf Insulation

Remeha’s ‘super condensing’ Quinta Eco Plus heating systems have helped slash gas consumption at Knauf Insulation’s offices in Cwmbran, Wales by more than two thirds, saving 74 tonnes of carbon in one year.

Energy consumption in the office buildings has plummeted from 574,560kWh to 186,960kWh since introducing the two Remeha Quinta Eco Plus 115 passive flue gas heat recovery heating systems twelve months ago. The company reports savings in energy use and heating bills of 67 per cent, with a corresponding reduction in carbon emissions since upgrading its ageing boilers to Remeha’s ‘super condensing’ technology and adding smarter controls.

Data shows a drop in carbon at Knauf Insulation’s Cwmbran offices from 109 to 35 tonnes*. The savings are particularly significant given that the mean temperature over the UK in winter 2012/13 was 0.4°C below the 1971-2000 average, according to figures supplied by the Met Office. Furthermore, March 2013 was the coldest March since 1962, with a mean temperature 3.3°C below the average.

The actual savings also exceed the estimated reduction of up to 40 per cent.

The Quinta Eco Plus was recommended to project managers MII Engineering by Knauf Insulation. The move is part of a wider commitment to improving sustainability by Knauf Insulation, which has also seen the manufacturer achieve zero waste to landfill at Cwmbran, as well as its three other UK production sites.

Oleksandr Prykhodko, plant manager at Knauf Insulation’s Cwmbran facility, commented: “Minimising our environmental impact is a central focus of our sustainability strategy and reducing energy use is a key aspect of this. The Quinta Eco Plus system provided by Remeha has certainly helped us achieve that and we’re really pleased with the results.”

The Quinta Eco Plus guarantees maximum condensing efficiency of 107% NCV ≥ 82/71°C in all systems regardless of the primary flow and return temperatures, recovering otherwise wasted energy for space heating or pre-heating domestic hot water. This makes it the optimal solution for retrofit projects as it recovers energy from old heating systems that take more energy to heat.

In addition to the significant energy and carbon savings, the refurbishment resulted in valuable extra space for Knauf Insulation. Due to the very small footprint of the Quinta Eco Plus, the company has been able to partition the original plant room into two separate rooms and gain a new office space.

“I’m so impressed with the Quinta Eco Plus that I’ve already recommended it for a number of other refurbishment projects,” said Andy Norman of MII Engineering Ltd. “It’s simple to install and hugely space saving – and for businesses, it will bring enormous energy savings which can only be welcome.”

Energy Data at Knauf Insulation’s Cwmbran offices

*Energy previously used for heating: 574,560kW/year = £14,364kW/year = 109 tonnes carbon/year

Energy used now: 186,960kW/year = £4,674kW/year = 35 tonnes of carbon/year

Savings: 387,600 kW/year = £9,690 = 74 tonnes of carbon/year

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