Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boiler at Oxford University’s central University Administration and Services Centre. ©Paul Stone


First-class Remeha heating for Oxford University

A Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro high-efficiency gas condensing boiler has been specified to provide energy-saving heating and hot water at Oxford University’s central University Administration and Services Centre. The Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boiler replaces the previous gas-fired pressure jet boilers as part of the University’s rolling programme of heating maintenance work and wider environmental commitments.

For Consultant Ian Taylor of Ian Taylor Design, the Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro was the boiler of choice due to its design as well as its high performance. He explained:

“Not only were we designing for maximum energy savings, but we also faced potential issues due to the narrow ground-floor access to the basement plant room. The Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro has an excellent ratio of output to size. Its small footprint was a real advantage on this project, as was the fact that it is supplied on wheels, making it easier to manoeuvre into position. I also like the fact that it can be split into three parts and reassembled inside the plant room.”

Whilst Oxford University look towards specifying equipment of high qualify, efficiency and longevity, it is equally important that the plant is installed correctly and to the highest standard to maximise heating efficiencies. To ensure this, Oxford University used one of its regular local contractors, Darnells Limited. “This was a really excellent installation by Darnells,” added Mr Taylor.

Energy reduction was at the heart of this project: the existing gas-fired water heater was replaced by a plate heat exchanger and a buffer vessel fed by the Remeha boiler, with inverter-driven pumps and load-matching modulating burners added to maximise the energy efficiency of the plant.

Dave Messenger, Managing Director at Darnells Ltd, commented:

“The size and versatility of the Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boilers substantially assisted our installation in the difficult-to-access basement plant room.”

Given the location of the plant room beneath ground floor offices, the low noise operation of the Remeha boiler compared with the former pressure jet boilers was a welcome benefit for staff at the Centre.

The Gas 610 Eco Pro boiler joins a range of Remeha boilers across Oxford colleges, specified for their generic design, environmental credentials and quality. The fully-assembled, free-standing Remeha 610 Eco Pro boiler range is available with outputs from 69 to 1202kW. This ‘renewable-ready’ range can also be connected with renewable technologies for maximum efficiency.

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