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Goodenough College saves energy with Remeha boilers

Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers have been installed at Goodenough College to improve the energy efficiency of this postgraduate residence and educational trust in Bloomsbury, London.

Three Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers were specified by specialist procurement managers SolarVent Ltd due to their ability to be easily disassembled into three parts for easy access to the plant room. On difficult installations involving narrow passages and stairways, this feature of the Gas 310 Eco Pro range removes the need for additional labour or equipment, enabling faster, easier installation at minimum cost.

Nabil Kamil of SolarVent commented:

“Taking into account the heat output required and the need to dismantle the boilers, the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro was the only boiler suitable for the job at Goodenough College. The Remeha service, too, was professional and faultless. All in all, a thoroughly positive experience!”

The Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro range has been designed for versatility and flexibility. Lightweight and extremely compact, it can be installed side-to-side to offer increased installation design flexibility and is ideal for modular configuration. With high average annual efficiencies of 109.35% and ultra low carbon and NOx emissions, the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers will also bring welcome energy and carbon savings to Goodenough College.

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