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University cuts gas usage by 40% with Remeha boiler upgrades

Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne has reported average energy savings of 40 per cent from space heating since upgrading to Remeha boilers.

Northumbria University, which regularly tops polls for its academic excellence, outstanding facilities and excellent graduate employment record, has added strong environmental credentials to its list of achievements since improving the energy efficiency of two of its buildings with the installation of Remeha replacement boilers.

When the boilers in two of its historic 19th century buildings, Burt Hall and Trinity, began to fail, Chris Stewart, Energy Advisor at Northumbria University Campus Services, recommended replacing them with Remeha boilers due to the high efficiency, reliability and quality of the products.

At Trinity Building, a former church that now houses the University’s IT department, Chris Stewart specified two Gas 210 Eco Pro boilers to replace the 20-year old existing boilers. At Burt Hall, the former centre for the Northumbria Miners’ Association and today the home of the faculty of arts, design and social sciences for art conservation, he recommended replacing the equally inefficient, ageing boilers with two Gas 110 Eco boilers and upgrading the controls.

The key requirements of the University were to achieve improved reliability and efficiency of heating for reduced energy usage, lower running costs and a lower carbon footprint – all of which the Remeha boilers delivered.

“The boilers were reaching the end of their operational life and were extremely inefficient,” said Chris Stewart. “Environmentally and financially, it made perfect sense to replace them with high efficiency condensing boilers, especially after the move from 12 to 24 hour heating operation at Trinity. I recommended Remeha boilers as I am impressed with their products – we have already installed several of their boilers throughout the University which have proved efficient and reliable.”

According to data from Northumbria University’s automated energy consumption metering system, monthly gas usage has fallen by 40 per cent on average at Trinity and 36 per cent at Burt Hall with a corresponding reduction in carbon emissions. At Trinity Building alone, the new Remeha boilers have slashed gas bills by over £5,000 in just four months, cutting carbon emissions by 32 tonnes.

Chris Stewart again: “We are extremely pleased with the performance of the Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro and Gas 110 Eco boilers and the impressive savings they have delivered.”

The Remeha Gas 110 Eco range offers outputs from 13.3 to 114 kW, ultra-low NOx emissions and high efficiencies of up to 99 per cent. With its small dimensions, these boilers are particularly suitable for retrofit applications.

The Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro range, with individual outputs from 16 to 217 kW, offers high efficiencies and ultra-low carbon and NOx emissions for energy-saving, environmentally-friendly heating and hot water delivery. The small footprint and ability to be installed back-to-back makes them ideally suited for modular configurations.

For more information, email boilers@remeha.co.uk

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