How Energy Efficiency Financing Works

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The scheme is available to all kinds of businesses and organisations. Financing from Siemens Financial Services can be arranged for amounts as little as £1,000 upwards and, assuming your proposed Energy Efficiency Financing project passes the energy saving assessment by Carbon Trust Implementation Services, there are potentially no upper limits*.

Remeha Commercial offers free advice and assistance for customers in applying for the Energy Efficiency Financing for projects using Remeha Commercial’s energy efficient heating and hot water generating equipment.

Energy Efficiency Financing is also available for a wide variety of other projects (assuming they meet Carbon Trust Implementation Services’ energy saving assessment criteria). Projects that may also qualify include building technologies, such as pipe insulation and air conditioning, or industrial process technologies, including compressed air, refrigeration or specialist production equipment.

*Subject to customer credit assessment

The Carbon Trust’s mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy, providing specialist support to organisations to help cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialise low carbon technologies. Carbon Trust Implementation Services Limited is a subsidiary of the Carbon Trust.Carbon Trust Implementation Services Limited will use its expertise in carbon saving from energy efficient technologies to independently assess the carbon, energy and cost savings of any credit approved Energy Efficiency Financing application. All assessments will be based on clear and objective criteria. Siemens Financial Services’ goal is to enable affordable acquisition of energy efficient technologies through providing a range of flexible financing solutions for projects under the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme. Carbon Trust Implementation Services and Siemens Financial Services work with recognised suppliers, providing them with the know how, documentation and tools to support customers’ applications under the scheme.

Siemens Financial Services is a leading provider of innovative finance solutions to UK businesses and public sector organisations. With more than 250,000 customers Siemens has arranged finance for circa 90% of the current FTSE 100 companies and more than 50% of NHS trust and local authorities. Siemens Financial Services Limited is part of the Siemens AG group of companies – jointly referred to hereafter as Siemens.

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