Standing proud on the Welsh Marches is the beautiful Norman fortress of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. Dating back to the 12th Century, Berkeley Castle is one of the most remarkable buildings in Britain and possibly the most outstanding example of medieval domestic architecture in the country.

The castle’s intriguing history is ever-present, from the arrow slits, murder holes and trip steps on the Keep, designed to foil any enemy assault, to the many royal treasures guarded within. This, too, is allegedly the notorious site where King Edward II was imprisoned and murdered.

So when contractors Keyplan Engineering Limited, Environmental and Building Services Engineers, were approached to replace the heating system, as part of a general refurbishment of the castle, this was no small challenge. The castle has been home to the Berkeley family for nearly 900 years, heated by old boilers fitted in the 1920s. Not only were these ineffective at supplying warmth throughout the huge castle, but the heating system also leaked.

The Berkeley family was keen to introduce more efficient heating with minimum impact on the environment. Consultant Steve Underwood of Keyplan Engineering recommended installing a series of five Remeha Quinta 115 boilers to heat the entire castle. “Remeha boilers are my boiler of choice every time,” said Mr Underwood. “They are always reliable and their exceptionally high energy efficiency means lower fuel costs and ultra low greenhouse emissions.”

The exceptional output of the Quinta 115s has brought warmth to every corner of the castle’s many rooms. “The family is delighted,” added Mr Underwood. “Even radiators that have not been known to work previously are now giving out welcome heat.”

The compact design and easy flueing of the Quinta 115s made them particularly appropriate for installation at this listed building, fitting neatly and unobtrusively into the existing spaces. With the installation of the Remeha Quinta 115s, Keyplan Engineering has sympathetically upgraded the previously archaic heating system at Berkeley Castle to the 21st Century.

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