The fairytale image evoked by the circular turrets and spires of Inverary Castle belies the 21st century outlook of the Campbell clan within.When deciding to update the heating arrangements in the family’s private apartments, the 13th Duke of Argyll chose to investigate the ecological advantages of a biomass system. Consultation with Irons Foulner of Edinburgh resulted in the installation of two Remeha 145kW biomass boilers, manufactured by Gilles.

Located in a remote boiler house and connected to the castle by underground heating mains, the biomass boilers provide heat and hot water to approximately one third of the castle. The environmental benefits are further enhanced because the boilers are fuelled by wood chips manufactured and supplied by the Inverary Estate, eliminating both the carbon emissions and costs of fuel transportation.

Fuelled by low to zero carbon fuels (wood chips or wood pellets), Remeha biomass boilers are modulating, fully controllable and automatic. The combustion chamber is lined with (replaceable) ceramic radiant fire-bricks and designed for high temperature operation. Clean combustion is guaranteed by the high temperatures and the length of time the gases remain in the furnace.Maintenance is facilitated by the insulated door, designed to swing open fully to allow ease of access for the cleaning of all boiler flues.Irons Foulner commented that the choice of boilers was based on experience of Remeha’s technical expertise and back up and said it was pleased with the attention and service received from both Remeha in the UK and Gilles in Austria.

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