Mission Statement

Remeha Commercial’s mission is to manufacture innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly heating products that improve quality of life.

Our goal is to enhance the places where people live and work by developing and manufacturing cleaner, greener and smarter products that make housing, hospitals, schools and public buildings more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Remeha Commercial’s products will address fuel poverty by increasing efficiency to cut fuel costs, and climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. Creative technology that improves our lives and adds value to our world.

A company is judged by the promises it keeps. Our promises are simple:

  • To operate with fairness, clarity and honesty
  • To manufacture the most technologically advanced heating products that benefit customers, businesses, society and the planet
  • To produce the most efficient and clean heating products in the most ethical, sustainable way
  • To offer the highest level of service and expertise in all our endeavours
  • Remeha Commercial, with our partners and through our products, will meet the needs of society today and help sustain the world for future generations