Farley Junior School


An education in halving energy bills and carbon emissions

Remeha boilers help school cut gas consumption from 660,995kWh to 273,148kWh

As education budgets tighten and local councils feel the squeeze, any operational savings a school can make are welcome. So when Farley Junior School succeeded in more than halving its energy usage and carbon emissions by installing energy saving Remeha Quinta Pro boilers, the school and its local authority, Luton Borough Council (LBC), were delighted.

Two years ago, VSRW, were commissioned by LBC to design the most energy saving heating system for Farley Junior School. Consultant Rob Windrum at VSRW specified three Remeha Quinta Pro 115 condensing boilers on a cascade system to replace the school’s aging atmospheric boilers as the first phase of the project.

A year later, the second phase of the project was completed with the addition of low temperature radiators and fan heaters. “The low temperature heating allows the boilers to operate at the reduced maximum temperature of 50/40⁰C, achieving maximum efficiency and energy savings at lower installation costs than conventional systems,” explained Rob Windrum. “We have found this system to be particularly suitable for schools as the added benefit of the low temperatures is the removal of any scald hazard from exposed pipework.”

Farley Junior School’s energy data shows that gas consumption at the school plummeted from 660,995kWh to 273,148kWh with carbon savings in the region of 53 tonnes a year.

“We are naturally over the moon at both the financial and environmental results,” said Diane Mascot, Business and Resource Manager at Farley Junior School. “In fact, we are still reaping the benefits of our energy saving heating system – our latest Display Energy Certificate shows that we have reduced our carbon footprint by a further 15 per cent this year.”

The market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro range (outputs 8 – 114kW) are fully modulating condensing boilers, offering high efficiencies of 108.9% NCV ∆T 50/30˚C and excellent ultra low NOx emissions for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heating and hot water production.

“Remeha Quinta Pros are reliable, energy efficient condensing boilers matched in quality by Remeha’s friendly and efficient customer service,” added Rob Windrum. “Installing the Quinta Pros in a modular design on a cascade system allowed us to match the heat output demand in less than half the space.”

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