Going bespoke: Remeha bespoke rig systems tick all boxes for Gateshead Council

Gateshead Council has chosen to refurbish the heating of a series of its primary schools with Remeha Quinta Pro condensing boilers installed on bespoke designed rig systems as an affordable, speedy solution to high performance heating provision in line with its wider efficiency measures.

It is commonly acknowledged that one of the most cost-effective means of achieving rapid energy and carbon savings in buildings is to replace any inefficient boilers with high efficiency condensing boilers. To enable more heating upgrades in schools during the six-week summer holiday period, Gateshead Council Construction Services elected to use the new bespoke rig system design and manufacture service from Remeha Commercial to save on labour and time and guarantee completion within the tight refurbishment schedule.

Bespoke rig systems offer several important economic and environmental advantages to contractors and building managers alike. As with the original pre-assembled rig systems, the configuration of the multiple boilers improves modulation, resulting in more efficient and effective operation. Where the bespoke version differs is that this service offers complete flexibility of design. In other words, specifiers can meet exactly the specific requirements of an individual plant room both in terms of its footprint and the heat output demand of the building. As a result, installation is even faster and easier than before, allowing more projects to be completed within a set period of time. The Remeha bespoke rig system is built on a rigid wheeled box frame manufactured from fully welded Epoxy Powder Coated 40mmSQ for easy manoeuvrability and connection to the existing on-site system. The unit has fully adjustable legs for levelling after final positioning.

Peter Udall, Service Director for Design and Technical Services, commented: “As part of our environmental and cost-saving commitments, Gateshead Council is keen to adopt efficiency measures wherever possible to improve the performance of our buildings. The high efficiencies of the Quinta Pro boilers has allowed us to achieve the improved reliability and effectiveness of heating we were aiming for in our schools, whilst the flexibility of the rig system has meant that we have been able to carry out more refurbishments than would otherwise have been possible within the holiday period. This is a rapid, high-quality solution that we would hope to use again in the future.”

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