Hackney Council installs twenty-four Remeha boilers

Remeha boilers are providing reliable, energy-efficient heating as part of a communal heating scheme in eight residential tower blocks owned and maintained by Hackney Council.

David Manuell, Mechanical Technical Manager at building services consultancy Promode Ltd, specified three Remeha boilers in each of the plant rooms, ranging from Gas 210 4-section 120kW Eco Pro boilers up to Gas 310 8-section 500kW Eco Pro boilers according to the heat output demand of the individual building. The boilers, together with supporting Remeha buffer vessels and pressurisation equipment, were installed prior to the tower blocks being moved across to heat interface units (HIUs).

David commented: “We’ve used Remeha products for several years and have been impressed by their high performance and easy maintenance which is matched by the excellent service provided by the Remeha team.”

At Inglethorpe House, three Gas 310 8-section 500 kW Eco Pro boilers have been installed to meet the required heat output demand, supported by a Remeha 1300 litre buffer vessel and a pressurisation unit. A key consideration at Inglethorpe House was the restricted size of the plant room which required a space-saving solution with flexible configuration options.

David explained: “Remeha 210 boilers have extremely compact dimensions, occupying a fraction of the space of other boilers, making them the boiler of choice for this project. In addition, they can be installed side-to-side, a feature which gave us more flexibility in system design at Inglethorpe House. The Remeha 310 boilers, which have been installed in several of the other plant rooms, are delivered on wheels, a feature which also proved useful as it provided greater manoeuvrability within the small plant rooms for faster, easier installation.”

So how did the installation go? David again: “The installation went well with the contractors finding the Remeha boilers easy to install. The boilers are now fully operational and running reliably, efficiently – and extremely quietly! Remeha offered us great service and backup support throughout the project. All in all, a great project.”

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