Leisure Centre’s exercise in energy efficient heating

From the poolside to the gym, the fitness studio to the café, the environment throughout Hutton Moor Leisure Centre in Weston-super-Mare is warm and agreeable, thanks to a total upgrade of the heating and hot water system to energy efficient boilers from Remeha Commercial.

It’s a different story from a few months back when the existing boilers struggled to keep members of the leisure centre warm. It’s important for the body to be at the right temperature during exercise to avoid injury, so North Somerset Council and Hutton Moor Leisure Centre were quick to act.

The first of the two plant rooms supplies space heating to the gym, sports hall, fitness studio, function room, and squash and tennis courts, as well as the cafe and bar areas.

North Somerset Council has for many years standardised the choice of boiler room plant, controls and pumps for reasons of reliability, efficiency – in both gas usage and emissions, cost, availability, spares, serviceability and technical back up. This means its term contractors and their subcontractors now have only one make of boiler to maintain.

Working with its term M&E contractors EIC (Bristol) and their subcontractor installer Ed Clayfield of CE Plumbing and Heating, two Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boilers were specified to replace the twelve-year-old boilers in the leisure area.

“Remeha boilers are excellent – they’ve got the technology absolutely right,” said installer Ed Clayfield. “These boilers are reliable and economical to run due to their high efficiency levels, plus they are easy to maintain and install, saving time and money.”

With warmth restored to the leisure area, the existing boilers began to fail in the ‘wet side’ – the sauna and pool area.  A requirement of 2.6 MW was required to heat the swimming pool, teaching pool, sauna, steam and spa pool and provide hot water for showers.

Again using the Council Specification, the recommendation was made to replace the three ageing boilers with two Remeha Gas 610-9 section Eco Pro boilers. “The higher efficiencies of the Remeha boilers means that these two boilers deliver the same total amount of energy required as the three old ones, as well as producing savings on fuel consumption,” added Mr Clayfield.

The Remeha 610 Eco Pro range delivers higher than average annual efficiencies of up to 109.6% (NCV) together with excellent ultra low NOx emissions of ≥36 at 0% O2 and minimum CO2 emissions. The pre-mix burner (NG) with its gas/air ratio control system ensures clean operation and smooth, trouble-free operation.

With the total heating upgrade complete, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre can not only enjoy reliable, efficient heating and hot water provision but expect welcome energy and carbon savings too.



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