Mercure Hotels upgrade heating with Remeha boilers

Mercure_Shakespeare Hotel_StratfordThe Mercure Hotel network, the world’s third largest hotel chain, is improving its energy performance with the installation of Remeha high-efficiency boilers in a series of its UK hotels. The drive comes as part of wider efficiency measures in keeping with the hotel operator’s environmental commitments.

Achieving a high level of quality and comfort is key to the success of any hotel.

So when the ageing boiler plant began to fail at the picturesque 16th century Shakespeare Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, Mercure’s Technical Operations Manager, Peter Borthwick, was quick to act. On the recommendation of preferred contractors Water Heating Services Ltd, the old boilers were replaced with two Remeha Quinta Pro 115 high-efficiency condensing boilers on a cascade system. A Remeha i-Sense control has been added to maximise the efficiency of the boilers for optimum performance and energy use.

The first benefit of installing the multiple boilers in a cascade arrangement is the greater reliability it brings. This makes it the ideal solution for the 78-roomed Shakespeare Hotel. A further advantage of this configuration is that it enables more accurate matching of load demand, for improved energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and lower energy costs.

The Remeha complete cascade package provides all the necessary components, including a hydraulic low loss header, all pipework from boilers leading to main hydraulic and gas connections, and all necessary isolating valves. This is contained within an insulated, pre-configured unit for easy assembly in the plant room.

The lightweight, compact structure allows for greater design flexibility. This proved particularly useful at the Shakespeare Hotel due to the irregular shape of the plant room.

Ease of installation was an important factor in this project as the Shakespeare Hotel was keen to minimise any disruption to staff and hotel guests.

“The advantage of Remeha boilers is that they are all built around a single design, making them easy to install, maintain and service,” explained Martin Fuller, Company Director at Water Heating Services.

“Installation at the Shakespeare Hotel was quick and easy thanks to the Quinta Pro cascade,” he continued. “The reduced on-site labour meant that hotel staff or guests were unaware of the refit as there was no disruption to service.”

In addition to the new high-efficiency Remeha boilers, a pressurisation unit, three pump cold water booster set and new cold water storage tank have been added to improve the hotel’s water supply.

“The Remeha Quinta Pro cascade system with low loss header has proved the perfect solution at the Shakespeare Hotel,” added Martin Fuller, “achieving a high-efficiency, robust energy source for reduced energy costs.”

The Shakespeare Hotel is one in a line of Mercure hotels to have benefitted from reliable, energy-efficient Remeha boilers installed by Water Heating Services. The result is high-performance heating that is helping reduce the carbon footprint of this quality hotel chain and deliver important energy savings.

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