New range of high-performance Hot Water Cylinders

Remeha Commercial has launched a new extended range of superior quality, British-manufactured hot water cylinders. The 24-model range offers options of Unvented Direct, Indirect and Solar cylinders with 400l, 500l, 800l, 1000l, 1250l, 2000l and 2500l models available in each of the three categories. A range of optional immersion heater units is also available to provide boost and backup.

The Remeha range of Hot Water Cylinders delivers exceptional flow rates in excess of 100 litres per minute. Using high performance coils, the cylinders recover from cold in a less than 60 minutes in optimum conditions, making them particularly suitable for the hotel, leisure and housing sectors.

Manufactured from Duplex 2205 stainless steel, a high specification grade with a proven level of high performance and around twice the proof strength of the standard 304 and 316 types of stainless steel, the new Remeha Cylinders are perfectly equipped to deal with the system pressures involved. The excellent corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance and pitting resistance properties of the dual ferritic-austenitic steel ensure that the cylinders deliver a long, trouble-free service life.

Remeha’s new range of Hot Water Cylinders meets all British environmental legislation and regulation standards as well as EU Directives. This includes the recommendations of HSE Document L8 relating to Legionella Pneumophilia, with the cylinders containing a minimum of two inspection ports (three on larger models) and three optional destratification loop kits to circulate the hot water and enable pasteurisation.

All of the units in the Remeha range are delivered with a full unvented hot water kit and come with a 6bar operating pressure as standard. The Remeha Cylinders are fully insulated with 100mm of polyurethane foam for reduced heat loss, lower fuel bills and pollution.

Remeha Hot Water Cylinders are approved and certified by a third party for safety and performance and manufactured in the UK.

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