Remeha boilers installed at County Hall, Dorchester

Dorset County Council has upgraded the heating at County Hall, Dorchester with the installation of two Remeha boilers.

The Council has replaced its three existing cast-iron boilers at County Hall with two Remeha Gas 610 10-section Eco Pro gas condensing boilers to improve the reliability and efficiency of its heating as part of wider efficiency measures.

Consultant Mike Slade, Director at Slade Associates Chartered Building Services Engineers, specified the Remeha boilers for their high efficiency, reliability and small footprint.

Mr Slade explained: “This was an interesting project that threw up a number of challenges. Firstly, while County Hall itself is not a listed building, it is situated on a listed site, so planning permission was needed before the new flues, required by the condensing boilers, could be installed. Secondly, the Council was keen to redesign the plant room to create valuable extra space. The compact design of the Remeha boilers was a huge benefit in this as they allowed us to meet the heat demand of the building in just half the area occupied by the previous boilers.”

Once contractor A.P Chant had removed the ageing cast-iron boilers from the basement plant room, the Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boilers could be lowered in through the roof access hatch onto their new bases and the new flues installed. The Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro boiler has been refined to facilitate easy access and greater flexibility in plant room design. Smaller and lighter, it is delivered on wheels for greater manoeuvrability into the plant room and can even be disassembled into parts where access is restricted. Its ability to be installed side-to-side, as is the case at County Hall, makes it ideal for modular configuration, maximising energy and carbon savings.

With the high-efficiency Remeha boilers operating smoothly at County Hall, Dorset County Council can look forward to significantly lower operating costs in the future, while the reduced greenhouse gas emissions will assist them in meeting their environmental commitments.

“Remeha Commercial’s service throughout this project again proved second to none,” added Mr Slade. “The team is always at hand to offer knowledgeable support and technical back up whenever required, from the initial design stage through to completion.”

The Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro range delivers exceptional, higher-than-average gross efficiencies of up to 98.5% together with excellent ultra-low NOx emissions as low as 26mg/kWh and minimum CO₂ and NOx emissions. The pre-mix natural gas burner with its gas/air ratio control system ensures clean operation and smooth, trouble-free operation. Offering both conventional and room-sealed flue system capability, the boiler can be sited almost anywhere within a building.

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