Remeha Commercial joins the BIM vanguard

Remeha Commercial has launched a new added-value service to its customers, offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects on all its condensing and ‘super condensing’ boilers. These consist of 3D digital models of the products with additional asset data on each boiler type including heat outputs, carbon and NOx emissions, size and weights, service and maintenance areas and maintenance schedules.

Remeha Commercial recognises the importance of BIM as a collaborative, shared knowledge resource for architects, specifiers and manufacturers that supports the way buildings are designed, constructed and operated. The model-based process offers detailed and reliable data that helps all sectors of the building services industry gain more accurate and accessible insight throughout a project, promoting smarter design and increased productivity. The Government estimates that using BIM programs will bring a reduction in capital building costs of 20 per cent and a similar drop in carbon emissions. All UK public sector projects over £5million will be fully collaborative 3D BIM by 2016 but the benefits apply to all sizes of buildings.

“A Building Information Model digitally represents the physical and functional characteristics of a facility and is a shared knowledge resource, offering information that will help not only in the design process but throughout the lifecycle of that facility,” says Chris Meir, Remeha Commercial’s National Sales Manager. “A basic premise of BIM is collaboration. Through BIM, architects, specifiers, manufacturers, all the disciplines involved, can insert, extract, update or modify information at different phases in the facility’s lifecycle to support and reflect the roles of that discipline or manufacturer. As a leading heating manufacturer, it is vital that we are embracing this level of design and that we understand what is required from us by our customers.”

Remeha Commercial has launched BIM objects of the ‘super condensing’ Quinta Eco Plus units and condensing Quinta Pro and Gas Eco Plus boiler ranges with BIM objects of all Remeha heating products to be made available over the next few months. The BIM files are digital and regularly updated, providing up-to-date and accurate information that will save architects and specifiers valuable time in research and facilitate potential changes and updates to the project.

The Remeha Commercial BIM family is available for free download from the company website on registration in Revit format, for easy integration into a specific model.

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