Remeha Commercial launches new bespoke rig system design service

Increased flexibility of floor planning design for specifiers, improved quality control and higher efficiency levels

Building on the success of its existing rig system packages, Remeha Commercial has launched a bespoke rig system design and manufacture service for its market-leading low carbon, low NOx condensing boilers. The new bespoke service has been introduced to offer specifiers increased flexibility in floor planning design through extended options that enable them to match more accurately the desired heat output, whatever the constraints of the plant room.

Remeha Commercial was one of the first heating manufacturers to introduce the concept of a pre-assembled rig system unit. The first of many advantages is the greater reliability it delivers due to the modular structure of the boilers. Installation is also quicker and easier as the boilers are delivered on site in a pre-assembled wheeled unit. This reduces downtime and on-site labour which results in greater productivity and efficiency for the customer. Quality control is also improved as the pre-configured unit is pre-tested and delivered as a whole system, rather than individual components.

The new bespoke rig system design and manufacture service offers all these advantages and more. The new added flexibility of design provides specifiers with an unlimited choice of configuration options, making it easier for them to specify the required heat output with greater accuracy and thereby providing an improved service for their customers. Once designed, the rig system is built on a rigid wheeled box frame manufactured from fully welded Epoxy Powder Coated 40mmSQ for easy manoeuvrability and connection to the existing on-site system. The unit has fully adjustable legs for levelling after final positioning.

Remeha Commercial National Sales Manager James Porter commented:

“At Remeha Commercial we are committed to providing added value service to our customers. The small dimensions of plant rooms can pose a real problem to specifiers especially when the heat output demand is high. Added to that is the drive for businesses to achieve greater efficiency and increased productivity, all of which requires from us products that are easier and faster to install in order to reduce downtime. We believe that our new high quality bespoke rig system design and manufacture service will provide the perfect solution to all of these issues for our consumers and end-users.”

For more information on Remeha Commercial’s bespoke rig system design and manufacture service and complete rig system packages in linear (2 or 3 boilers) and back-to-back (4 or 6 boilers) configurations, call 0118 978 3434 or email

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