Remeha Commercial launches new Natural Gas CHP Range

Remeha Commercial has introduced a comprehensive range of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to its energy-efficient and low-carbon commercial heating range to offer a sustainable solution to efficient heat and power generation for commercial buildings with a consistent high demand for space heating and electricity.

The Remeha R-Gen Natural Gas CHP range includes 26 models offering outputs from 20 kWe up to 2,000 kWe. For commercial building operators, the environmental and financial advantages of moving to CHP are significant. These cogeneration plants convert natural gas into heat and electricity at the point of use. Whereas conventional power stations emit heat created as a by-product of electricity generation into the environment, the Remeha R-Gen CHP systems capture this waste heat and convert it for heating purposes. In this way, they can operate to higher total efficiency levels of between 85 and 90 per cent compared to a fuel efficiency figure of around 40 to 45 per cent for traditional generation. This equates to a potential saving in primary energy of around 30 per cent and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of around 20 per cent.

The new Remeha R-Gen range also includes two condensing CHP models, the R-Gen 20/44 NG and the R-Gen 50/100 NG, which offer still higher total efficiencies of between 103 and 104 per cent for increased energy and emissions savings.

The CHP units burn natural gas in a gas engine to drive the electricity generator and provide power for the building. Hot exhaust gas from the engine enters a heat recovery exchanger to provide LTHW for heating and hot water service. The R-Gen CHP units can be connected with Remeha Commercial’s high efficiency condensing boiler range to facilitate accurate matching of the individual requirements of a building. Support for the optimum operation, maintenance and long term care of Remeha’s packaged CHP units will be provided by leading European cogeneration technology expert 2G.

“Remeha is committed to helping raise the energy efficiency of our buildings with our advanced heating technology,” said Mike Hefford, Remeha’s Head of Renewable Technologies. “The R-Gen CHP range is the perfect complement to our high efficiency condensing boilers, using proven technology to reduce primary energy usage and carbon emissions whilst stabilising electricity costs. For commercial and residential developments with high year-round heat and power demand, it is the ideal solution, helping meet the low carbon requirements for new buildings and assisting operators of existing buildings in meeting their environmental commitments.”

The Remeha R-Gen CHP range is available now. For further information, call us T: 0118 978 3434,, or contact your local Remeha representative.

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