Remeha partners with Zenex

New partnership to revolutionise commercial boiler efficiencies

Leading UK low carbon, high energy efficiency heating supplier Remeha Commercial announces its partnership with energy-saving innovator Zenex, and the immediate appointment of Chris Farrell, MD of Zenex, as Remeha’s Independent Technology Advisor.

Remeha is renowned as a pioneer in condensing boiler technology since launching the first commercial condensing boiler into the UK 35 years ago. Over the years, it has continued to research and refine products to achieve ever-more efficient performance figures in its drive for continuous improvement and maximum boiler efficiency.

Established in 2003, Zenex has gained a reputation for its range of energy-saving technologies. The Zenex GasSaver and the Zenex Superflow are recognised as new energy saving categories within UK Building Regulations. The Energy Saving Trust recognises Zenex GasSaver under its Energy Saving Recommended Scheme.

Remeha Commercial and Zenex look forward to a long, innovative partnership, producing many new concepts that will revolutionise commercial condensing boiler technology,” said James Porter, National Sales Manager of Remeha Commercial.

With both companies committed to maximising the full potential of condensing boilers and systems, Remeha and Zenex are currently developing a groundbreaking new project that will increase by around 15% the standard efficiencies of Remeha’s products.

“Our first project is a radically new approach to condensing boiler installation,” continued James Porter. “We are delighted to be able to show a prototype of this at the M&E–Building Services Event Show in October.”

“Our combined objective is to help businesses realise lost profit by improving their combustion and operational efficiencies,” added Chris Farrell, Remeha’s new Independent Technology Advisor. “We welcome this partnership with Remeha Commercial as the start of a new chapter in raising general awareness of achievable energy efficiencies.”

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