Revolutionary commercial heating system

With fuel prices, profitability and meeting Government legislation targets the three key concerns facing businesses today, Remeha Commercial has developed the super condensing Quinta Eco Plus, the first in a range of revolutionary commercial heating and hot water systems that delivers outstanding energy efficiencies, huge carbon reductions and significant financial savings in a flexible, cost-effective, super efficient solution.

Remeha Quinta Eco Plus: a revolutionary commercial heating system from the pioneers of condensing boiler technology

The Quinta Eco Plus consists of the market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro, a fully modulating, commercial condensing boiler and the Eco Plus, a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device (PFGHRD) developed by Remeha and Zenex Technologies, and now recognised in building regulations. The Eco Plus PFGHRD recovers waste energy equivalent to around 15% of the gross input for the benefit of pre-heating domestic water or space heating such as running first radiators or underfloor heating. The Quinta Eco Plus achieves maximum condensing at full output at all temperatures and at all times, offering a new level of full time attainable efficiency of 97% GCV at 82/71°C for buildings.

The Quinta Eco Plus is manufactured and preassembled in a wheel-in enclosure. Pre-plumbed and configured within a rigid mobile frame for ease of installation, it is suitable for both existing and new buildings. Its compact dimensions and modular design provide flexible solutions to meet the individual requirements of a building.

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