Woodlea School

Remeha retrofit at asbestos-contaminated school

New remote boiler house with three Remeha Quinta Pro boilers in cascade provides safe, energy-saving heating for Woodlea Primary School

 Three Remeha Quinta Pro boilers on a cascade system have been specified as part of an innovative solution to retrofitting energy-saving heating safely and quickly at a Surrey school with ventilation, location and asbestos problems in its existing basement plant room.

When the 20-year-old boilers needed replacing in Woodlea Primary School’s asbestos-contaminated basement plant room, heating contractors Kier Services were keen to specify a boiler that would not only bring the school welcome energy savings, but could be installed quickly to ensure good management of the asbestos situation and zero disruption during the school day. Three high-efficiency Quinta Pro 65 boilers were installed on a cascade system for quick assembly and installation, replacing the ageing boilers to deliver safe, reliable, energy-efficient heating.

About three-quarters of England’s 24,000 schools are estimated to have some buildings with asbestos, according to a report by the Committee on Carcinology for the Department of Education. Asbestos becomes dangerous when disturbed or damaged as its fibres can break off and, if breathed in, can damage the lungs and cause diseases. The government’s recommendation is to leave it in place undisturbed.

To secure the safety of the children and staff from the presence of asbestos, Phil Clayton of Kier Southern, working with Frederick So of Surrey County Council’s Property M & E Team and Remeha Commercial designed a boiler enclosure that would effectively create a remote boiler house (central heating and domestic hot water services), allowing all future maintenance and operation to take place securely from the outside. The enclosure and boiler installation were completed in one day.

“We were very apprehensive at first as this was a lengthy project being carried out during school time,” commented Christine Starkey, Bursar at Woodlea Primary School, “but the project ran without a hitch… We were very impressed with the service we received.”

Renowned for the quality of its products and expertise of its team, Remeha Commercial is one of Surrey Council’s approved suppliers. The Remeha Quinta Pro is a market-leading boiler range delivering reliable heating outputs from 8 to 114kW at high efficiencies of 108.9% NCV ∆T 50/30˚C with excellent ultra-low NOx and CO2 emissions for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heating. It can be wall-hung or installed on a rig or cascade system.

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