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Slimline Remeha boilers are the perfect fit at Churchill Academy

Two high efficiency Remeha Gas 610-7 Eco Pro condensing boilers are delivering energy saving, environmentally-friendly warmth to students and staff at Churchill Academy and Sixth Form in Churchill, Somerset.

When the ageing oil boilers at Churchill Academy were found to be failing, the school engaged National Design Consultancy (NDC) as lead consultants to replace them with a new gas fired system for greater efficiency and lower fuel bills.

Richard Hall, Senior Engineer at NDC specified two Remeha Gas 610-7 Eco Pro boilers to replace the existing large 900kW boilers. Two major benefits of the Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro series are its small footprint and its ability to be installed side-to-side, which offer specifiers increased installation design flexibility especially in retrofit or refurbishment projects.

Richard Hall commented: “The size of the boilers was key as we were able to design the new installation around one of the existing boilers allowing us to remove this boiler only once the new plant was fully operational. This was critical as the works had to be completed during term time and with no interruption to service.”

The new lightweight, compact Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro range is small enough to fit through the standard doorway and is supplied on wheels for easy manoeuvrability. All of these factors facilitated quick and easy installation at Churchill Academy, enabling the project to be completed on time and under budget.

Alan Neale, Business Manager at Churchill Academy, commented:  “In the short time since the boilers have been commissioned, we have noticed more reliability in the heating system which the new boilers provide and hope that this will continue when the cold weather returns during the winter months. A huge plus is that the newly installed boilers are estimated to save the Academy in excess of £30,000 on utility costs along with an estimated reduction of 100,000kg in CO2 emissions each year.”

The fully modulating Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro series delivers exceptional, higher than average annual efficiencies of up to 109.6% (NCV) together with excellent ultra low NOx emissions of ≥36 at 0% O2 and minimum CO2 emissions. The pre-mix burner (NG) with its gas/air ratio control system ensures clean operation and smooth, trouble-free operation.

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