The heat is on for energy savings

With heating accounting for up to 60% of a building’s total energy use, the heat is on to deliver energy-efficient solutions to help the UK meet its environmental targets. While our long term goal is to generate our energy from renewable sources, gas is still the favoured fuel for heating. For us at Remeha Commercial, the challenge is how to use this clean burning fuel as effectively as possible for maximum energy and carbon savings.

From condensing to ‘super condensing’ – Remeha Quinta Eco Plus

Modern condensing boilers now quote efficiencies of up to 98% NCV, yet around 90% of condensing boilers in the UK fail to achieve these figures as the typical existing LTHW system will generally have been sized on high flow and return temperatures, which prevents the boiler from fully condensing and operating at its maximum efficiency.

The Remeha Quinta Eco Plus is the only commercial heating and hot water system of its kind to address the need for innovation in full-time condensing technology to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, particularly in refurbishments.

The Quinta Eco Plus combines the market-leading Quinta Pro condensing boiler with the most advanced passive flue gas heat recovery technology, the Remeha Eco Plus. Each time the Quinta Eco Plus operates, energy is recovered automatically from the flue gases and passed back into the system for cold water preheat, heat return water or simply circulated to a thermal. By using the energy input more effectively, the Quinta Eco Plus achieves the highest possible efficiency of 107% NCV at all times regardless of primary flow and return temperatures, resulting in major savings.

Remeha Fusion Hybrid – revolutionary bespoke hybrid heating solutions

Smart system design is key to achieving maximum efficiencies and reducing the energy performance gap. LZC technologies can offer a low-carbon alternative for heating and hot water generation. However, some renewable products are not as ‘green’ as represented, or fail to achieve their highest seasonal efficiencies when combined with condensing technologies. Equally, retrofitting these technologies onto existing systems may not always be an option.

Remeha Commercial has developed the first flexible, bespoke hybrid system that offers low carbon, energy-efficient heating and hot water for both new build and existing buildings. Fusion Hybrid combines two Remeha high performance technologies, our gas absorption heat pumps Fusion and the market-leading Quinta Pro cascade, in a fully-integrated, scalable building control system to maximise heating efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.

The specially-configured control system can be easily integrated into existing building management systems if required, making the Fusion Hybrid a versatile solution for both new build and existing buildings.

Fusion Hybrid offers flexible, reliable heat delivery with exceptional seasonal efficiencies of between 120 and 130% NCV and accurate matching of system heat output demand. Fusion Hybrid meets all environmental legislation and fulfils the carbon requirement of Part L, thereby significantly improving the energy performance of a building.

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