The holy grail of condensing technology

As we enter 2012, the economic climate, legislation and escalating fuel prices continue to dominate the headlines. Midst ongoing fears of a double dip recession, the individual householder faces the growing risk of fuel poverty, while in the commercial sector, rising energy prices threaten profitability and jobs.

Given that heat accounts for nearly half of the UK energy use and associated CO2 emissions, how efficiently we use our energy for heating purposes is more relevant today than ever. Energy usage is directly related to carbon emissions. To address this, the Government has set a steep target for a reduction of carbon emissions by 34 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050 from baseline 1990 levels.

This is particularly relevant for existing buildings as, according to the Building Research Establishment report, 60 per cent of the buildings that will be standing in 2050 are already built. Therefore these buildings offer the real challenge.

Crucially, in today’s economy, any new low carbon and low NOx technology must be both affordable and replicable without the need for funding. Low carbon renewable solutions can be costly and impact on the profitability of a business. When the embedded carbon from the renewable product is factored in, they may not all necessarily be environmentally sustainable or, as stated in a recent report by Civitas on wind turbines, as energy efficient as claimed.

Upgrading boilers is probably still the most cost-effective solution to cutting energy usage. At Remeha Commercial, we now offer a “super condensing” heating system that delivers maximum condensing at full output at all temperatures and at all times, offering a new level of attainable efficiency of 97% GVC at 82/71°C for new and existing buildings – and not just under laboratory conditions. The Quinta Eco Plus delivers huge carbon reductions and significant financial savings in a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-install, super-efficient heating solution, representing a whole new concept in commercial heating for consulting engineers and specifiers and businesses.

The Quinta Eco Plus consists of the market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro, our fully modulating, commercial condensing boiler and the Eco Plus, a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device, developed together with Zenex Technologies and now recognised in building regulations. Adapted from the domestic GasSaver, the Eco Plus recovers any waste energy, holds it in units, then passes it back through the heat exchanger into the heating system, to radiators or underfloor heating. The addition of the Eco Plus lifts efficiency by a further 15% for heating and even higher for heating and hot water systems (probably as much as 48%). Put simply, we believe we have a product that will always deliver £97 of actual usable energy for every £100 of gas input, or 107% NCV at 82/71⁰C flow and return.

For businesses such as Hatch Mill Nursing Home in Farnham, keen to reduce their impact on the environment, make carbon savings and meet their Government carbon reduction target, and increase their profitability, the solution presented by Touchstone Energy Services was to replace their existing boilers with three Quinta Eco Plus 65 systems. For Hatch Mill Nursing Home it is win-win: the Quinta Eco Plus makes perfect financial and commercial sense.

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