The money-smart approach to reducing energy use

Investing in energy efficient heating makes sound business and environmental sense. But if your organisation or customer is worried about the initial costs, why not talk to Remeha Commercial about the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme we now offer. Through the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme, set up by the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services, we can help you reduce your energy waste and fuel bills by upgrading to new, more energy efficient Remeha Commercial heating equipment.

Payments are offset against the anticipated energy savings, which means your financing option is designed to pay for itself. So you can afford to install the energy efficient equipment you need straight away. And once you’ve made all the payments, you should continue to make savings year on year. It’s convenient and fast as all the paperwork and admin is taken care for you. And it means that energy efficient equipment is available right now. What’s not to like?

We offer our customers free advice and assistance on applying for Energy Efficiency Financing for projects using Remeha Commercial energy efficient heating and hot water generating products. If you would like more information on this scheme, please call us on 0118 974 3066 or visit our website for more details.

Click here to download the Remeha Finance Leaflet [PDF]

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