Nursing home slashes energy use with Remeha boilers

Hatch Mill Nursing Home in Farnham, Surrey has achieved huge energy and fuel bill savings since installing three state-of-the-art passive flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) heating and hot water systems eighteen months ago to replace its existing atmospheric boilers.

Energy data released from the care home since the installation of the three Remeha Quinta Eco Plus 65 PFHGR systems shows a substantial drop in gas consumption of around 15 per cent, despite the building having been extended by 25 per cent post heating refurbishment. Energy consumption at the 48-bed Hatch Mill has reduced so significantly that it is now almost on a par with that of Wey Valley, a neighbouring 28-bed care home that still relies on atmospheric boilers for its heating and hot water, despite being almost double in size.

“It’s win-win for us at Hatch Mill,” added Sally Tidy of Abbeyfield, the not for profit charity that manages Hatch Mill nursing home. “We save on energy bills whilst doing our bit for the environment – and all with rapid financial payback. My advice would be, why wait for the boiler to break when you can reap financial and environmental benefits now?”

For Geoff Berry, Senior Energy Advisor for Hatch Mill at Touchstone Energy Services, the results are indeed “impressive.”

The Remeha Quinta Eco Plus has been named a finalist for the Commercial Building Product of the Year Award in the 2014 H&V News Awards.

The Remeha Quinta Eco Plus is a new, innovative passive heat recovery technology for heating and hot water production that ensures that the maximum usable waste heat is recovered from the boiler thereby delivering the highest possible efficiency and energy savings irrespective of return temperatures. The Quinta Eco Plus combines the market-leading Quinta Pro condensing boiler with the most advanced passive flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) technology, the Remeha Eco Plus. The Eco Plus recovers the hot flue gases that normally exit the boiler straight to atmosphere and passes them through a heat exchanger. The recovered energy is held in the heat store and can be used to preheat a cold water feed, heat return water or simply circulate to a thermal. The inclusion of this recovered waste heat significantly reduces the amount of energy required for the boiler to heat the water to the required temperature, leading to major efficiency savings.

At Hatch Mill, the recovered energy pre-heats the incoming boosted cold water feeding the DHW system. As a result, less energy is required to heat the water, lowering fuel bills for the nursing home as well as their carbon emissions.

The Quinta Eco Plus is the only commercial heating and hot water system of its kind in the UK to incorporate passive flue gas heat recovery technology and address the need for innovation in full-time condensing technology to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, particularly in refurbishments.

The Quinta Eco Plus, available in three modules, is based on a simple, compact, modular and scalable design that allows numerous models to be added together for efficient use of plant space and to meet the particular heat output demand of individual buildings.

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