Weald Boiler Room Study, HMP Maidstone


Remeha red is the new black at HMP Maidstone prison

Two Remeha Gas 310-8 section Eco Pro condensing boilers have been installed at HMP Maidstone in Kent to deliver reliable, energy-efficient heating at one of the UK’s most progressive working prisons.

Following repeated problems with the existing, inefficient boilers, the prison authorities requested a complete redesign of the boiler and hot water plant. Providing consultancy and installation expertise were Maidstone-based DSL Building Services.

“The failing boilers, coupled with corroded calorifiers, were causing a number of problems at the prison, from unreliable heat and hot water delivery to unnecessarily high energy costs due to the need for continuous operation,” explained Mark Syrett, Installation Contracts Manager at DSL. “We were tasked with providing a high-performance, high-efficiency heating solution that would not only meet the requirement for greater reliability but would fit with the prison’s wider environmental commitments.”

The new design proposed and installed by DSL has at its heart two Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers supplied with two plate heat exchangers. New flues were fitted as part of the refurbishment with the existing gas booster reused to provide the necessary pressure lift to the gas supply to achieve optimum operation. To complete the redesign, panel modifications were made to the existing building management system to offer enhanced control of the fully-modulating Remeha condensing boilers, improving the overall energy performance of the prison building and maximising energy and carbon savings.

“We have used Remeha boilers frequently over the years,” said Mr Syrett, “and have been impressed not only with the quality and high efficiencies they deliver, but also with the excellent supporting service provided by Remeha Commercial. These features fulfilled all the key considerations at HMP Maidstone, making the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro the boiler of choice for this particular refurbishment project.”

With the boilers fully commissioned and running smoothly in the newly painted and insulated plant room, the prison authorities are delighted with the neat design and high performance of their new heating system.

HMP Maidstone commented:

“Having recently fitted Remeha boilers elsewhere on site where they are performing well, we were more than happy to install yet more efficient Remeha boilers on our site. We were equally pleased with the work of the contractors and their associates – the design and installation of the heating system was first class, providing far more space and accessibility in the plant room.”

The Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro range, with individual outputs from 51 to 601 kW, has been designed for versatility and flexibility. Lightweight and extremely compact, it can be installed side-to-side to offer increased installation design flexibility and is ideal for modular configuration. With high average annual efficiencies of 109.35% and ultra-low carbon and NOx emissions, the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers is already delivering welcome energy and carbon savings to HMP Maidstone.

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