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Care home improves energy efficiency with Remeha Fusion Hybrid

A bespoke bivalent Remeha Fusion Hybrid heating system has been installed at Lake House in Adderbury, Oxfordshire as the most energy-efficient, low-carbon solution for reliable, constant heating at this 43-bed care home.

Graham Hipwell, Facilities Manager at the Orders of St John Care Trust, the not-for-profit organisation that operates some 70 care homes across the UK including Lake House, briefed using renewable heating technology supported by condensing boilers to replace the existing boilers at Lake House. He chose to install Fusion Hybrid, a unique heating system that combines two energy-saving Remeha technologies, Remeha Fusion gas absorption heat pumps (GAHPs) and Remeha Quinta Pro gas condensing boilers in cascade, in a fully-integrated system that can be specially tailored to meet individual building requirements to maximise energy and carbon savings.

At Lake House, the design of Fusion Hybrid has been adapted to combine three externally-sited 35kW Fusion GAHPs, two Quinta Pro 45kW boilers on cascade and a twin coil buffer vessel, all integrated through the specially-configured building management system (BMS) which in turn has been integrated into the care home’s existing BMS. The integrated 7” touchscreen control panel known as the Remeha Touch ensures easy operation of the system with the option for remote monitoring.

Given the need for plentiful hot water at Lake House, Remeha has added a buffer vessel to increase the temperature of the cold water feed and lower the energy demand for hot water delivery. An energy management system in the form of pulsed heat and gas meters has also been installed through the Remeha Touch to provide a constant flow of energy data for monitoring purposes over the next two years. Operating smoothly since its installation in October, Fusion Hybrid achieves an outstanding seasonal efficiency of 140 per cent for the care home.

Mr Hipwell commented:

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Fusion Hybrid system and the savings that it is already delivering.”

“Constant, reliable heating is a clear priority a care home,” added Mike Hefford, Head of Renewable Technologies at Remeha Commercial and M&E Contractor on the Fusion Hybrid installation. “However, heating can account for at least half the energy use of a building resulting in high running costs. With around 90 to 95 per cent of the heating for the residents of Lake House now provided by the high-performance Remeha Fusion gas absorption heat pumps, the care home will benefit from greater reliability in heating whilst seeing both fuel bills and carbon emissions drop by around 30 per cent and financial payback in four to five years.”

For Karen Goodman, Home Manager at Lake House, the transition to the new heating system has been seamless.

“The most important factor for us, as temperatures have started to drop, is that our new heating system is working efficiently and effectively. We have been delighted with the service offered by Remeha. The installation went extremely smoothly and we have had reliable heating throughout the process. Moving forward, we are looking forward to operating in a ‘greener’ way with lower energy bills in the months ahead.”

To find out more about Remeha Fusion Hybrid, email us at heatpumps@remeha.co.uk or call 0118 978 3434

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