Two 145kW biomass boilers, supplied by Remeha and manufactured by Gilles Austria, are playing their part in ensuring that ASDA’s recently built store in Bootle is the most eco-friendly supermarket in the UK.

When ASDA invested £27 million in the construction of its new store at Bootle, sensitivity to the environment was high on the list of priorities.

Alongside ASDA’s determination to achieve zero waste to landfill by the end of 2010, the Bootle store incorporates a variety of innovative technologies, reducing energy use by 40% and cutting carbon emissions by a staggering 50% in comparison to a standard new build supermarket.

Modulating, fully controllable and automatic, Remeha biomass boilers can be fully integrated with conventional boilers. In Bootle, the biomass boilers, fed by wood pellets, are used alongside a ground source heat pump and heat reclaim system.

High temperature operation and the length of time the gases remain in the biomass furnace guarantee clean combustion, further contributing to the excellent environmental standard set by the new ASDA store.

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