When the Burley Road Co-operative Foodstore was destroyed in an arson attack in July 2008, the Midland Co-operative Society Ltd commissioned a design team including M&E consultants EDP Consulting Ltd to design a replacement superstore. Winner of the CIBSE 2011 Commissioning Project of the Year Award, The Oakham Foodstore for the Society is an inspiring example of how to combine different technologies to create a sustainable building for the future. Remeha Commercial is delighted to have played a part in this success story.

The Co-operative Society was keen to apply its renowned environmentally-aware ethos to the design of its new, low energy superstore. With sustainability, low energy usage and low fuel costs the key criteria, EDP Consulting Ltd recommended incorporating both renewable and conventional features to heat the eco-friendly Oakham Foodstore. The superstore uses underfloor heating, solar water heating system to preheat the domestic hot water, recovered low grade heat from the store refrigeration system, which is then reused to heat the building – and two Remeha Gas 210 PRO condensing boilers.

Given the intricacy of the project, the designers wanted a reliable boiler to provide a back up to the recovered energy systems that would also provide a “top up” when the required level of recovered energy was not available.

The boiler had to have high operating efficiencies as well as being capable of operating at low water temperatures. The boilers had to be capable of operating in tandem with the recovered energy systems: up to 250kW of heat can be recovered from the store refrigeration systems, at peak loads, but as the energy available to be recovered can be highly variable, the boilers had to be sized to match the building heating load.

The two Remeha Gas 210 PRO compact, floor-standing, condensing boilers installed by William Bailey Ltd are particularly suitable for this project due to their exceptionally high efficiency (110% NCV at 40/30°C – 99% GCV) and ultra low Carbon and NOx emissions. With Remeha Commercial well versed in all aspects of renewable heating and offering solutions in biomass boilers, often in conjunction with our eco-friendly commercial boiler ranges, using Remeha boilers in such a project brought added peace of mind.

The state-of-the-art Oakham Foodstore is a lesson to many in how to build for the future.

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