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Cardiff Metropolitan University

First class heating for University

Cardiff Metropolitan University has installed two new Remeha Gas 220 Ace high efficiency condensing boilers at its Cyncoed Campus to achieve more reliable and efficient heating provision.

The bustling Cyncoed Campus is home to the Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy and the Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences and boasts state-of-the-art facilities for its 12,000 students.

In the B Block building, however, the four existing modular boilers were struggling to provide the level of comfort required by the University. Room temperature is increasingly linked to occupant wellbeing and productivity. So achieving reliable, energy-efficient heating was a key concern for the University in keeping with its wider environmental commitments.

Steve Gooding, Director of the mechanical services provider Boiler Burner Maintenance (BBM) Ltd., commented: “The old boilers were becoming increasingly unreliable. Of the four in place, only one would be working at any given time. That meant running it 24/7 – but even then the provision was inadequate and there were complaints. Parts continued to fail making the boilers become unserviceable, so there was a strong business case to replace them.”

The University had carried out a study into the whole life performance of the different boiler brands at the Campus. It revealed that of all its heating equipment, the Remeha products were the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective. This has led to a gradual switch to Remeha boilers in recent years, helping standardise the heating equipment for easier, more efficient maintenance and servicing.

Steve explained: “The plantroom itself on Campus was small with only a narrow space to work in and very limited access.

“We consulted the specification guide and realised that because of their compact size, two of the Gas 220 Ace boilers would fit in the same footprint as the four old boilers. It all worked out perfectly. When they arrived, we wheeled the Gas 220 Ace boilers off the pallet, in through the door and up onto the plinth. It was all very nice and easy.”

With the Gas 220 Ace, all connections and pipework enter the top of the boiler. This was an added benefit for Steve. “It’s good to have the connections at the top – not only is it tidy but it provides more access behind the boilers for installation and future maintenance purposes.”

Good control is essential to achieve and maintain high heating efficiency. The Gas 220 Ace has in-built 0-10V and free volt contacts that enable it to be connected to any Building Management System to maximise overall system efficiencies without the need for additional parts.

Steve added: “The controls are simple to use and to fit, so we had no problem wiring them into the University’s BMS.”

With the boilers now fully operational, students and staff at the Cyncoed Campus are benefiting from a reliably warm and comfortable learning environment. “We are very pleased with the new Remeha boilers,” said a spokesperson at the University. “They’ve made a major improvement to the heating provision at our Cyncoed Campus and the ease of servicing will have on-going benefits to the University.”