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Anderson House

Remeha Quinta Ace boilers and Andrews Water Heaters ECO flo units provide energy efficient solution for ‘flexicare’ homes 

Social housing providers Settle Group have selected Baxi Heating to provide reliable, energy efficient total heating and hot water solutions across two of their ‘flexicare’ homes in Hertfordshire.

Flexicare homes are sheltered housing schemes that offer a flexible amount and type of care for each resident. Ensuring reliable, efficient heating and hot water provision is essential as failure of the plant could result in building closure.

As the landlord of the flexicare locations, Settle has responsibility for all building maintenance and repairs – including the heating and hot water systems. Following a detailed mechanical and electrical services condition survey at Anderson House in Hitchin, Settle chose to replace the dated, failing plant with Remeha Quinta Ace boilers and Andrews Water Heaters ECOflo units.

Reliability was a key requirement for Settle’s Compliance Manager, Kevin Turner. “Our primary concern was to improve the reliability and energy efficiency of the heating and hot water provision,” he explained.

“At the same time, we were keen to standardise the equipment to ensure easier maintenance, servicing and operation of this service moving forward. The Remeha boilers met all the criteria as they are easy to install as well as maintain and, as our experience shows, deliver outstandingly reliable performance.”

At Anderson House, the technical design identified that three Remeha Quinta Ace 90 boilers in cascade and two Andrews Water Heaters ECOflo 380/1220 units would satisfy the high demand for heating and hot water.

Remeha’s Quinta Ace wall hung condensing boiler series combines top-quality components with precision engineering to deliver cost-effective, reliable high performance. Comprehensive cascade options are available for two to ten Quinta Ace boilers for ease of installation. The industry-leading seven-year warranty that accompanies all Remeha condensing boilers provides customers with further confidence of lifetime reliability.

The fully condensing, direct-fired Andrews Water Heaters ECOflo units offer a cost-effective, energy efficient solution to meet the requirements at Anderson House. With a low NOx pre-mix power burner and an exceptional gross efficiency of up to 98%, this water heater range will also help keep emissions and running costs to a minimum for Settle.

The installation at Anderson House is now complete and the new products are fully operational.

“We’re extremely pleased with how the work has gone and are looking forward to replicating the design in some of our other flexicare homes,” said Kevin Turner.

Anderson House