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Hyatt Place

High-end 4-star airport hotel enhances guest comfort with heating upgradeĀ 

Luxury hotel Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport has refurbished its heating system with a Baxi Heating complete heating and hot water solution to ensure maximum comfort for its guests.

For hoteliers, guest satisfaction can often come down to the basics – the reliability and efficiency of the heating and hot water services. The Hyatt Place hotel is renowned for the exceptional performance it delivers to its business and leisure travellers. So, when the existing heating and hot water plant showed signs of becoming unreliable and equipment parts became hard to source, the hotel acted quickly to replace them with more energy-efficient technology.

Following a successful tender, London-based Cleanheat was appointed as the M&E contractor on the project. Cleanheat, who have extensive experience of working with high-end hotels across London, recommended replacing the old water heaters with two Andrews Water Heaters SUPAflo EVO units to provide a low maintenance, high-efficiency solution to satisfy the hotel’s hot water requirements.

Four Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro condensing boilers were selected to provide a reliable, quality solution that would meet the building’s space heating demand in a compact footprint.

The critical challenge for the Cleanheat team was the need to keep the hotel fully operational during the plant replacement. Cleanheat carried out the work in stages to achieve almost zero interruption to the hot water and heating services.

Ben Shorter, Contracts Manager at Cleanheat, explained. “The first phase of the project involved installing one of the new SUPAflo EVOs to ensure a constant hot water supply in the hotel. Once this was in place, we were able to remove the old water heaters and fit the second new SUPAflo.”

The second phase of the project entailed installing temporary boilers to keep the heating service running while the team carefully removed out the ten dated non-condensing boilers and replaced them with the new Remeha boilers.

“The compact dimensions of the Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers and the maintenance areas, plus the ability to install these boilers in a side-by-side configuration, allowed us to achieve the required high kW output in a small footprint,” continued Ben. “They fitted perfectly within the available space.”

With the move from non-condensing to condensing boiler technology, a new flue system needed to be installed. New pumps and a new plate heat exchanger were also fitted as part of the project to optimise the performance and longevity of the new Remeha boilers by protecting them from any contamination.

Ben Shorter, Contracts Manager at Cleanheat said: “We selected the Remeha and Andrews Water Heaters products due to the proven reliability of the products and the easier future maintenance they provide. The excellent performance of the equipment has been matched by the great service and support that we received from our sales manager.”

With the plant replacement now complete, Hyatt Place is delighted with the new heating system that will help maintain the hotel’s famed high standard of service. In a win-win situation, the hotel’s managers can look forward to trouble-free heating and hot water provision moving forward – and anticipate welcome cost and emission savings from the new, more advanced and energy-efficient equipment.

Hyatt Place_Remeha 310s