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Corby Borough Council improves heating efficiency with Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers

Corby Borough Council has installed two Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers into its offices at Deene House to improve the efficiency and reliability of the heating provision.

When the original four modular boilers failed at Deene House, the Council appointed Rothwell-based Andrew Pipework Services (APS) to carry out the boiler plant replacement.

Given the growing connection between room temperature and occupant comfort, wellbeing and productivity, the Council was keen to achieve the optimum working environment for the benefit of its staff. At the same time, reducing energy consumption and the associated emissions was a key concern in keeping with the Council’s wider environmental commitments.

APS Director Adrian Andrew recommended installing two Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers on a cascade system as the most cost-effective, high performance solution for the heating at Deene House.

The Gas 220 Ace is Remeha’s newest floor-standing boiler range with outputs from 160kW to 300kW and cascade options up to 2,400kW. The innovative design of the Gas 220 Ace is based on a monobloc heat exchanger – cast from a single piece of aluminium – that ensures exceptional heating reliability, efficiency and durability while almost half the size of previous models.

The result is a lightweight, ultra-compact boiler designed to overcome the challenge of increasingly restricted plantroom space while providing greater access for installation and maintenance.

Commenting on the Gas 220 Ace, Adrian Andrew said:

“I’m very impressed with the new Remeha 220 Ace boiler. They have clearly been designed for easier installation. From the pallets outside to the boiler base, we positioned the two boilers in under six minutes! I love the built-in ramps that come with them and the integral wheels – we wheeled them straight in.”

Now fully operational, the new Remeha boilers are achieving the Council’s requirement for reliable, efficient performance. With higher than average gross efficiencies of up to 98% and ultra-low Class 6 NOx emissions, the Council can look forward to reduced heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint, all the while benefiting from a warm and comfortable building environment.

Gas 220 Ace boilers at Deene House Corby Borough Council