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Medway Council improves heating efficiency with Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers

When the existing boilers came to the end of their serviceable life, Medway Council were quick to appoint contractors TSS Facilities to replace the dated boiler plant. TSS Facilities recommended installing five Remeha Gas 220 Ace boilers with a plate heat exchanger (PHE) on an off-site fabricated cascade system to meet the project requirements for more reliable heating with minimum disruption.

Mark Basset, Mechanical Installations and Asset Manager at TSS Facilities, said:

“We’ve fitted Remeha boilers for many years and are impressed with the operational efficiencies and performance of their products, which is matched by the great service we receive from our sales manager.”

The Gas 220 Ace boilers were selected partly due to their small footprint and width, and also because of the Remeha off-site fabricated cascade options that facilitate faster, smoother installation.

To overcome the plantroom space restrictions at Gun Wharf, Remeha worked with TSS Facilities to design and manufacture off-site a bespoke pipework arrangement that would ensure a space and time-saving boiler cascade configuration and integrate a PHE into the design. PHEs are increasingly applied to refurbishment projects to achieve hydraulic separation between the boiler circuit and the heating circuit and so optimise boiler performance and longevity.

Working with TSS Facilities, Remeha prepared 3D drawings to enable early visualisation of the layout before producing the pipework assembly in sections off site. These drawings then formed part of a comprehensive documentation pack for the client.

To overcome the plantroom space restrictions, the design called for the PHE and the pump to be positioned behind the boilers. The pipework was then configured so that the system connection faced upwards, as required by TSS Facilities. Once the equipment was delivered to site, TSS Facilities bolted together the boilers, pipework connection components and the PHE, on its wheeled frame, and connected them to the existing system. It was a seamless process, as Mark explained:

“The project went well from start to finish. Having the Gas 220 Ace boilers delivered in an off-site fabricated system made our lives so much easier. It allowed us to schedule the project and team more accurately, increasing our productivity. At the same time, it saved downtime and installation time. Ultimately, the customer benefits too, with reduced costs and disruption at the installation stage, and easier servicing in the future.”

Applying this heating solution smoothed the heating upgrade process, as Consultant John Richardson, working on behalf of the Council, explained:

“By using the Remeha Gas 220 boilers, the contractor was able to strip out the old plant and carry out pipework modifications while the boiler sets were being fabricated off site,” he said. “This installation technique enabled the Council to control the shutdown period required to complete the contract. The fully modulating Remeha boiler plant, in conjunction with upgraded controls, have greatly enhanced the building’s efficiency and the Council’s carbon footprint.”

On projects like this, off-site fabricated equipment can bring advantages for the entire supply chain. Medway Council is benefitting from more efficient, more reliable heating following minimal disruption. The Consultant can be assured that the specification and customer requirements have been met. And TSS Facilities have benefitted from improved site productivity and reduced installation time.

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