Are you on LPG?

Let us know in advance if the installation of your Remeha heating product is on LPG.
If it is an LPG installation and you have not already advised us, please contact the after sales department immediately on 0118 978 3434 or via our contact form.

Things to do before your appointment.

Please also ensure that the following are implemented:

  • Gas/oil/LPG: Fuel lines are complete, purged of air and sufficient gas pressure/fuel supply is available to operate the boiler(s) at full load for duration of commissioning.
  • All electrical supplies and external controls are connected and functioning. Controls must have the ability to be overridden or the controls engineer will need to be available.
  • Flue connections are complete.
  • Flow and return connections are complete and the system is full of water and fully vented. Also condense pipework/drains are complete where applicable.
  • There is sufficient system load available to enable a minimum of 1 hours run time at full boiler(s) output, regardless of outside temperature.

Please note: We will allow a maximum of one hour waiting time, after which the Engineer will leave site unless written confirmation that the waiting time will be covered by an additional order.

Failure to observe any of the above will result in an abortive visit, which will be chargeable. This charge could be equal to the value of the quoted commissioning cost.

If the site is operating a Health and Safety policy which requires all visitors to site to attend a Health and Safety induction, can you please notify us with the start time and duration of the course to avoid loss of time on site. Failure to do so may result in charges being incurred for unnecessary waiting time.

If you have any questions call us today on 0118 978 3434.