In summary, our warranty terms and conditions are:

1. Remeha provides warranty against premature failures due to manufacturing defects. This warranty is based on current technology used by Remeha in manufacturing. Remeha also reserves the right to continuous development in both design and manufacture therefore warranty claims cannot be retrospective on these terms.

2. Remeha will provide warranty on the above terms provided the damage or failure has not been as a result of incorrect commissioning/operation or as a consequence of lack of maintenance/system water or fuel quality. Parts will be repaired or replace free of charge at the discretion of Remeha.

3. The following terms apply to the limitation of Guarantee claims:

  • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger - five years
  • Heat Exchanger Quinta - five years
  • Heat Exchanger Gas 110 - five years
  • Heat Exchanger Gas 210 - five years
  • Heat Exchanger Gas 310/610 - five years
  • Non-service parts all boilers - two years
  • Service parts (ignition and ionisation electrodes and thermo elements) - six months

The above mentioned terms start from the date of first commissioning, at latest six months after supply. 

4. The original warranty period will apply to any parts replaced.

5. The customer will take responsibility for the constant presence of water in the installation, respectively the end user.

The customer is also required to monitor the quality (level of dissolved solids, pH levels etc.) of the system and any water increases in consumption make up of water (to identify potential system leaks). This has been detailed in the standard guidelines and recommendations, which apply to the specific boiler.

6. Remeha is not responsible for any damage that has been caused by incorrect or defective installation, commissioning, water treatment, service or maintenance. Our current technical documentation can be taken as the basis for this.