Remeha Terms of Warranty:

1. Remeha provides warranty against premature failures due to manufacturing defects. This warranty is based on current technology used by Remeha in manufacturing. Remeha also reserves the right to continuous development in both design and manufacture; therefore warranty claims cannot be retrospective on these terms.

2. The standard warranty provided on products and services is 2 years parts and labour from date of commissioning if commissioned by Remeha (or an agent on Remeha's behalf). If commissioned by others the warranty will be on a 'parts only' basis.

3. The following terms apply to the limitation of Guarantee claims.

  • Boiler Heat Exchanger – five years
  • Non-service parts all boilers – two years
  • Service parts (ignition and ionisation electrodes and thermo elements) – six months

The above mentioned items start from the date of the first commissioning, at latest six months after supply. If commissioned by Remeha, labour is included in the above terms.

4. The original warranty period will apply to any parts replaced.

5. The customer will take responsibility for the constant presence of water in the installation, respectively the end user. In addition, monitoring of system water quality (level of dissolved solids, pH level etc.) and consumption of make-up water (to identify potential system leaks). As detailed in the standard guidelines and recommendations which apply to the specific boiler.

6. For damage that has been caused by incorrect use, the use of non-Remeha B.V or lower quality parts, fuel and power supply, Remeha will not accept responsibility. 

7. Remeha cannot be held responsible for damage that has been caused by over firing, corrosion or scale/sludge deposits. 

8. These terms of warranty apply to UK mainland installations only, unless agreed otherwise in writing. 

9. The warranty is valid subject to the installation being in full compliance with all appropriate current regulations and standards and our particular installation and commissioning and maintenance instructions which are provided with the product. Evidence of commissioning must be retained and provided to Remeha in the event of a warranty claim during this warranty period. (This is not required if the commissioning was completed by Remeha). 

10. The warranty is subject to safe access and egress to the product being made by others.

11. Remeha will provide warranty based on the above terms provided the failure has not been caused as a result of the following:

  • Incorrect commissioning/operation of the equipment by a third party
  • Failure caused by the incorrect installation/location of the equipment
  • Failure occurring from system defects
  • Attempted repairs by anyone other than our Engineers or our approved Agents during the warranty period
  • Where any defects/sub-standard items highlighted in the commissioning report have not been rectified to the correct standard(s)
  • Any failure or problems resulting from inadequate supply or poor quality of services such as electricity, gas or water
  • Failure caused as a result of corrosion, waterborne debris or scale/sludge deposits
  • Failure due to the incorrect design/installation of the flue/ventilation system
  • Incorrect handling of equipment
  • The equipment has been sized incorrectly for the system’s minimum and maximum operating conditions
  • Corrosion due to adverse environmental conditions
  • Frost damage
  • Damage to the product caused by theft, attempted theft, vandalism or other factors such as fire or flood
  • Failure of or incorrectly set external controls
  • Blocked condensate drain
  • Where installation, commissioning or maintenance has been undertaken by a con-competent third party

12. All repair work during the warranty period must be carried out by Remeha or our nominated approved Agents. 

13. Cost for third party repairs will not be accepted without prior authorisation of Remeha. 

14. In the event of equipment failure, Remeha must be given the opportunity to inspect the equipment in situ prior to any remedial action taking place. 

15. Any repair carried out under the terms of this warranty does not extend the warranty beyond its original period. 

16. Where Remeha has provided design/installation advice, whilst every reasonable care has been taken in formulating our recommendations, Remeha cannot accept any responsibility for the final design, construction and installation of the system. 

17. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.

Remeha Warranty Terms and Conditions Downloadable PDF.