We’re completely focused on commercial heating solutions and we’re at the forefront of condensing boiler technology – we don’t manufacture boilers for anyone else.

We invest heavily in research and development which enables our specialist teams to design high-performance into our products at every level using the latest material and manufacturing techniques.

Each and every product is engineered to the highest quality for unrivalled performance and ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

Our market-leading boilers share the same simple design – so they’re expandable, adaptable and future-proof. Our complementary high-performance low-carbon and renewable heating solutions, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHPs), can be installed alone or combined with our boilers to create a new low carbon plant room.
We’ve thought of everything, from specification to blueprint sign-off through to supply and installation, so our customer service and product support is unbeatable.


Nine reasons why consultants specify Remeha boilers: