Our comprehensive, easy-to-install cascade options increase heating reliability and efficiency while providing added design flexibility.

Spreading the total required heat output over several boilers in cascade configuration offers several advantages:

  • Greater reliability
  • Higher efficiency
  • Improved design flexibility
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cascade options are available with the Quinta range and Gas 220 Ace boilers.

    To make it as simple as possible to create a cascade arrangement, we offer complete cascade systems for use with our wall-hung Quinta range. The small footprint of the Quinta range boilers allows an exceptionally compact cascade configuration, making it possible to install a high heat output up to 1,292kW in an extremely small area.

    We offer a number of different cascade options for installing two to ten Quinta boilers, including linear and back-to back configurations, and wall-mounted or free-standing arrangements. There is the added option for multiple output configurations, combining the Quinta Pro with Quinta Ace 160 boilers, for increased design flexibility.

    Our cascade systems are very comprehensive and use smart gas and water connection technology for easy installation. This means the hydraulic and gas system can be put together entirely without welding, using screw connections, compression connections and flanges. The individual components of the cascade systems are available for independent cascade installation.

    We also offer a cascade arrangement for the Gas 220 Ace floor standing boiler range - up to 8 boilers back to back. The Gas 220 Ace boiler is particularly suitable for use in cascade systems due to their small footprint and width of only 90cm which allows an exceptionally compact cascade configuration. For example, when using four Gas 220 Ace boilers back to back (excluding the low loss header), approximately only 1.8m x 1.5m floor footprint is required for up to 1240 kW (50/30oC).


    Using a pre-assembled rig system brings greater reliability due to the modular configuration of the Quinta boilers. Installation is also quicker and easier as the boilers are delivered on site in a pre-assembled wheeled unit. This reduces downtime and on-site labour which results in greater productivity and efficiency for the customer.

    Quality control is also improved as the pre-configured unit is pre-tested and delivered as a whole system, rather than individual components.

    Our bespoke boiler rig system service also offers:

  • Increased design flexibility
  • Rapid, high-quality installation
  • Accurate matching of heat output
  • Improved asset management
  • These rigs are designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of each project and site, supporting consultants in overcoming plant room limitations and tight deadlines. The increased design flexibility enables more accurate matching of the heat output for improved efficiency and greater cost savings. The bespoke rigs are able to accommodate most client specifications, from the position of the low loss headers to inclusion of plate heat exchangers for hydraulic separation. Improved asset management and BIM files alignment also assist with the facilities management cycle.

    Once designed, the rig system is built on a rigid wheeled box frame manufactured from fully welded Epoxy Powder Coated 40mmSQ for easy manoeuvrability and connection to the existing on-site system. The unit has fully adjustable legs for levelling after final positioning.


    • Gateshead Council

      Multiple boilers on bespoke-designed rig provides rapid, high-quality heating solution.

      The Council’s Construction Services team choose to use Remeha’s bespoke rig system service to overcome the tight deadlines.
    • Aspire Leisure Centre

      Quinta Pro boilers in cascade deliver £7,000 energy savings in six months.

      Aspire Leisure Centre needed reliable, consistent-temperature heating for its pool-side area.
    • Farley Junior School

      Quinta Pro cascade achieves gas savings of nearly 60% for school.

      Three Quinta Pro 115 condensing boilers on a cascade system were specified by consultants VSRW to replace the ageing boilers.
    • Sandback School

      Quinta Pro cascade increases school’s heat output and slashes bills.

      "We specified Remeha boilers due to the proven reliability and longevity of the products."
    • Feathered Nest Country Inn

      Remeha boilers engineer for maximum energy savings on refurbishment project.

      The award-winning Feathered Nest Country Inn needed to refurbish its heating system to supply reliable warmth and comfort throughout.
    • Hexham Abbey

      Energy-saving heating on an ambitious restoration project.

      The small footprint of the Quinta Pro cascade and its flexible design provided a rapid, high-quality solution for the Abbey.