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Too many modern and existing buildings fail to perform as predicted, using up to 3.5 times more energy than anticipated.

To avoid an energy performance gap from heating, we recommend following five key stages.

1. Size right – Always carry out an accurate calculation of the heat demand. In refurbishment projects, avoid replacing ‘like for like’ as the demand may well have increased or decreased since the last assessment. If the building is not sized correctly, it will not perform as predicted.

2. Design right – In retrofit projects, upgrading to a high efficiency boiler is just the first part of the puzzle. Where possible include an allocation in the budget for control upgrades and low carbon heating technologies for energy efficiency. In new build, consider how the building and system are to be used and what output is required and where.

3. Install right – Condensing boilers work most efficiently at part load. Consider installing multiple boilers rather than one larger boiler to improve reliability and efficiency. When installing hybrid systems, try where possible to use the same supplier as their knowledge of the various technologies will support smarter system design.

4. Control right – Adding the appropriate controls will increase the overall system efficiency by allowing all components to operate at their optimum performance.

5. Commission right – Never skimp on this important stage in the project. Hydraulic, combustion and controls commissioning is crucial to ensure high performance, reliability and efficiency of the heating system.

Carrying out these five points will not only save you money, it will also reduce carbon emissions and energy waste, two things that all industries need to be aware of. If you have any questions about maximising the energy efficiency of your commercial heating system you can contact your Area Sales Manager who will be happy to help.