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The UK’s building stock offers huge potential for efficiency savings.

Condensing boilers are a ‘quick win’ for rapid energy and carbon savings with outstandingly high efficiencies. The challenge now is to engineer for maximum performance. How? Through accurate sizing and good design.

The first step is to carry out accurate calculation of the output demand.

In new buildings, identify what heat output is required and where.

In existing buildings, re-calculate the heat requirement. Avoid ‘like-for-like or equivalent’ boiler upgrades as this fails to take into account the changing use of the building. In some buildings, the output will need to be increased to meet current demand – often due to an extension to the original building. In others, refurbishment to the building fabric may have reduced the load requirement. For a more accurate assessment, calculate the minimum as well as the peak output.

The next step is to design a system capable of matching the fluctuating load to deliver maximum performance and reliability.

Choosing to install multiple condensing boilers rather than one large output boiler will increase the turndown ratio and improve the modulation capability for more energy-efficient heating.

The boilers, too, perform better in this design. By sharing the load, they can operate at part load where they achieve their higher efficiencies.

For high heat output projects, our compact floor-standing boilers are perfect for modular design with back-to-back and side-to-side configuration options.

Our wall-hung Quinta range can be installed alone or on cascade or prefabricated bespoke rig systems for the ultimate in speedy, reliable, high-quality heating solutions. The option to operate the large output Quinta Ace 160 in multiple output cascades brings still greater design flexibility for more accurate load matching.

For advice on your particular site requirements, configuration and design, contact your Area Sales Manager