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Birmingham City Council selects Remeha boilers for school refurbishment project

20th September 2018
Quinta Ace 160 boilers at Elms Farm Community Primary School

Remeha energy-saving condensing boilers have been installed at Elms Farm Community Primary School in Birmingham to achieve more efficient and reliable space heating for the benefit of its students and teachers.

Ensuring reliable heating and hot water provision is an essential consideration in any building, and especially in schools where it helps generate the optimum learning environment.

The school had previously relied on two boilers and a calorifier for its heating and hot water. Following a condition survey carried out for Birmingham City Council by Paul James, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Acivico, the decision was taken to upgrade the ageing heating plant.

M&E specialist Spie UK was appointed as the main contractor on the project by Birmingham City Council.

To meet the requirements for more effective and reliable heating and hot water provision, Mark Nicklin, Contracts Director at Spie, recommended installing four Remeha Quinta Ace 160 condensing boilers and an Andrews Water Heaters ECOflo direct-fired water heater.

Mark commented: “We recommended using Remeha Quinta Ace 160 boilers to meet the heat demand due to their quality and reliability. I’ve been using Remeha boilers for over 10 years and prefer to use them wherever possible. The excellent heating performance of Remeha products is matched by the good support I receive from my sales manager, Will Jones.”

Mark recommended installing multiple boilers on a cascade system and connecting them to a low loss header to maximise heating efficiency and reliability.

“When installing new condensing boilers onto old systems, low loss headers help optimise boiler operation and longevity by achieving hydraulic separation between the boiler circuit and the heating circuit,” he explained.

“At the same time, installing multiple boilers in a cascade arrangement enables them to operate at part load, where they are at their most efficient, for energy-saving performance,” he continued. “Servicing and maintenance are easier and can be carried out with no disruption to the heat service, improving lifetime efficiency and avoiding the risk of building closure due to boiler failure.”

Due to the presence of asbestos in the school boiler house, the Spie team needed to wait until the school closed for the summer holidays before replacing the old boiler plant.

Once the asbestos was safely removed, the ECOflo water heater could be installed to ensure hot water provision at the school by the start of the new term.

The next step was to install the new Remeha boilers which were fully operational before the beginning of the heating season.

“The project went well,” said Mark. “The boiler room was nice and spacious and with the Remeha boilers installed in two banks in a neat back-to-back cascade arrangement, it’s resulted in a tidy installation.

Paul James is pleased with the result.

“The school is benefiting from reliable, high-performance heating which is creating a more comfortable learning environment for the school’s children and staff,” he said.

“The higher efficiency means that energy use at the school is reduced, lowering overheads and helping stretch the budget further. At the same time, the cleaner operation and ultra-low NOx emissions will minimise the building’s carbon footprint, in keeping with Birmingham City Council’s environmental commitments. All in all, a good job!"

This is just one of many Remeha boiler installations for Birmingham City Council. Paul added: “The City are very happy with Remeha’s products and service and are now using Remeha boilers across their estates, both in commercial buildings and schools.”