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Clifton College in Clifton, Bristol has improved the efficiency and reliability of its heating system with the installation of three Quinta Pro 90 boilers on a cascade system in its East Wing boiler room.

For the last 40 years, the East Wing Building - one of 50 at the Grade II listed independent school - had relied on an old cast iron sectional boiler for its heating. The College decided to replace it before it failed, as part of good practice. As a result, the college Estates Bursar, Paul Williams, was keen to replace it ahead of the new academic year.

Paul’s key considerations were to provide more efficient and reliable heating throughout the site. The refurbishment was required to take place within the fixed timeframe of the summer holidays to minimise disruption to the College.

Consultant Steve Carroll at CODES specified three Quinta Pro 90 boilers on a Remeha cascade system. These market-leading condensing boilers deliver high gross seasonal efficiencies of 95% for greater than average energy savings combined with ultra-low NOx emissions that qualify for maximum BREEAM points.

“I always specify Remeha due to the quality and reliability of the products and the service,” commented Steve.

The design was put out to tender and won by Bristol-based contractors Cook & Harris Ltd.

Archie Jefferies of Cook & Harris was pleased with the specification.

Removing the old boilers was the first challenge due to the small dimensions of the plantroom and restricted access, as Archie explained.

“The plantroom is located in the basement of the East Wing,” he said. “It’s a tiny space so lifting the large old boilers up and out through a three-foot door wasn’t easy! The Quinta Pros are much lighter and a lot more compact, making them far easier to handle and position.”

Installing multiple condensing boilers in a cascade arrangement optimises boiler efficiency, performance and lifecycle while enabling easier servicing and maintenance. This configuration also increases the turndown ratio of the fully modulating boilers so that they can match the fluctuating load more accurately. All of which reduces energy waste for greater energy savings.

Remeha’s comprehensive cascade system was specified for use on this project.

“The Remeha cascade system is great,” added Archie. “It’s pre-assembled which makes it quick and simple to install. It also includes all the necessary components, including pipework and pumps. These all connected together easily - a major benefit given the time constraints on this project.”

Switching to high efficiency condensing boiler technology meant that flueing needed to be considered in the design. This was achieved using an existing chimney.

The cleaner, more reliable and efficient Remeha boilers are now commissioned and fully operational. As temperatures drop in the months ahead, Clifton College can look forward to a warm, more comfortable environment throughout the East Wing.

The College is also anticipating considerable gas savings from the upgrade to condensing boilers, the most efficient of all boiler technologies.

“We are very pleased with the installation and look forward to the increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption of the new Remeha boilers,” said Paul Williams.

Clifton College, Bristol